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Article: Slip dress what is it and which one to choose this autumn?

Slip dress what is it and which one to choose this autumn?

How many times have you wondered what slip dress is? And when is it worn? Which ones to choose? I'll explain everything to you in this article!

What is slip dress?

The slip dress is a slip dress, in English it is called a slip dress.

The slip dress is a dress that resembles the slip but there is no longer much difference between a slip dress and a slip. The petticoat that we consider "bedroom" and therefore a piece of lingerie, if it does not have too much transparency, can easily be called a slip dress and can be worn for going out both during the day and in the evening! If you want to see how you can wear the slip in your daily looks, read my new article by clicking here !

The slip dress is sexy and elegant. It is a dress with sinuous and flowing lines and very thin straps. Usually made of silk, satin or chiffon and often embroidered with lace on the bottom or décolleté. The colors are usually pale: pink, ivory, white. But they are also very beautiful in black and even with romantic and floral prints.

The slip dress can be ankle-length, with a side slit, or midi or very short.

And what underwear to wear under a slip dress? There is clearly only one answer: seamless panties and "invisible" bra or no bra! (In this case it is preferable to use nipple covers because the fabric of the slip dress is always very light and soft). The slip dress must slide on your body and this is one of its main characteristics. Whatever your shape, it is nice for the slip dress to be sinuous and you must absolutely avoid seeing the seams of your underwear.

But which slip dresses to choose? I recommend you take a look at the ones from Pink Croquette :