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Article: Autumn in armocromia: find out if you are an autumn woman and which colors suit you

Autumn in armocromia: find out if you are an autumn woman and which colors suit you

To be an autumn woman you need to have precise chromatic characteristics. But what does it mean to be an autumn woman? It means that the autumn colors look good on us! And to establish whether they suit us or not, our personal taste is not enough, because sometimes we like a color so much that we think it suits us, but it doesn't flatter us at all!

There is a discipline that studies the harmony of colors and it is called: armocromia!

What is armochromy?

When we talk about armochromy we immediately think of Rossella Migliaccio, founder of the Italian Image Institute and image consultant as well as the most expert woman in Italy in armochromy.
Color harmony is a discipline that allows us to identify a combination of shades capable of enhancing us. As? Through the study of our natural colors: the color of hair, eyes and skin (not tanned).

The aim of this study is to determine the color palette, also called season, capable of perfecting us, making the face brighter and softening any defects.

Autumn in armochromy

The colors of autumn are those that reflect the tones of the "earth" with the addition of those shades that can be admired in nature during the autumn period. The main peculiarity of women who are part of the autumn season is a rather low contrast (i.e. little difference in "tone") between the color of their hair, complexion and eyes. The hair of the autumn woman can be light or dark brown, golden blonde, red or tending towards red. The light complexion tends more towards yellow than white. Skin that tans easily, becoming golden and almost never burns. The eyes can be green, hazel, blue-green, amber, dark brown or black.

If you have these characteristics then all those warm tones corresponding to brown, olive green, orange and beige will suit you. Warm and sunny yellows but also reds. Fabrics such as cashmere, linen and foliage patterns are particularly good for the autumn woman. The enemy colors, i.e. those that don't look good, are the cold ones, first and foremost black!

Obviously this doesn't mean that if you like a black underwear set you can't wear it, but know that there are colors that will suit you better and that are worth trying ;)

The autumn palette is liked by many women because it is made up of warm colors and full-bodied shades. And the autumn woman has beautiful chromatic characteristics, let's give some examples.

Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Sarah Hyland and Olivia Palermo are autumn women who belong to different subgroups. Yes, because in addition to the season, Rosella Migliaccio teaches us that each season is divided into 4 subgroups: deep, warm, soft and absolute. Based on the contrast between the color of hair, skin and eyes - and based on the intensity/shine which can be very strong or delicate.
Emily Ratajkowski DEEP AUTUMN

Julia Roberts WARM AUTUMN
Sarah Hyland AUTUMN SOFT

Rossella Migliaccio's test of colors and seasons

To analyze in the most correct way which season and subgroup you belong to, you should carry out Rossella Migliaccio's color test.

The first tip is to carry out this procedure under natural lighting, with your face free of make-up and with your hair well covered.
Colored drapes are brought closer to the face, in the "hot/cold" version and then metals.

This is to understand if you have warm or cold undertones. If it is cold your season will be Summer or Winter. If the undertone is warm you will be Spring or Autumn.

We usually start with drapes in shades tending towards "green", to help establish the intensity.
Then the contrast is considered through the "drapes" with the stripes.

On Rossella Migliaccio's official website it is possible to purchase the kit to do the test at home or book a consultation with the armochromia expert's team.

Useful tips for the inexperienced

For all those who are preparing to familiarize themselves with this type of analysis, the first advice to follow is to always try to make an objective evaluation of one's own person.
Therefore it is essential to also ask ourselves specific questions such as, for example, asking ourselves if we use a certain color because we appreciate it or because it really suits us.
Following all the indications of an expert on the subject such as Rossella Migliaccio and her book Rossella Migliaccio, Armocromia. The method of friendly colors that revolutionizes life and not only your image will allow you not only to discover your season, but you will also have the concrete possibility of being able to visibly enhance your image.