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Article: Bra in the fridge and cooling cups to put in the bra: to stay cooler and keep your breasts firm!

Bra in the fridge and cooling cups to put in the bra: to stay cooler and keep your breasts firm!

We know that when it's hot we often can't stand wearing a bra! Especially those with busier breasts. But in this article I will reveal some tricks to stay cooler even when wearing a bra and to keep your breasts firm! Have you ever thought about putting your bra in the fridge? How did the beautiful Marilyn Monroe do it?

Body temperature and clothing

In summer we tend to strip off superfluous clothing because when we do so we have the impression of feeling less hot and feeling cooler. But just as in winter the more we cover ourselves with heavy clothes and despite this we still feel cold, so in summer the more we undress the more we will continue to feel warm. Inside our body there are mechanisms aimed at regulating the internal temperature which is usually constant, around 37°C and does not undergo variations from external temperatures, which instead happens for the superficial layer of the skin. Precisely for this reason, undressing initially gives us the impression of feeling better but then we realize that this is not the case. It would be better to wear clothing made of cotton or linen, i.e. natural and non-synthetic fabrics.

A new trend in America: inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe

In the USA some time ago, a new fashion became popular. Especially in places like Florida with tropical climates, it is thought to put one's clothes in the fridge or freezer to find some refreshment. Starting from underwear such as panties or the bra in the fridge for her, up to t-shirts, trousers and dresses. A rather curious fashion that was soon abandoned because it was impractical. But this story inspired the invention of cooling cups to put in the bra.

This bizarre practice, apparently, had already been experimented by the iconic Marilyn Monroe who, when she was too hot, put her bra in the freezer for at least a quarter of an hour before wearing it. And it was good! Not only because she looked cooler but it also helped keep her cleavage nice and firm!

Yes, because you should know that the lowering of the temperature causes the capillaries to first contract and then dilate, increasing blood flow. In this way, the oxygenation of the cells greatly improves, firming the breast tissues!

Bra in the fridge and cooling cups to put in your bra to stay cooler in hot weather

We deal specifically with this underwear item. It was designed, as mentioned previously, to combat the heat and especially the hot flashes that affect women close to menopause. The cooling cups have been designed as normal cups to be inserted into the special pocket with which many types of bra are equipped. These bra cups can be placed in the fridge or in ice water or the freezer for twenty minutes. The gel of which they are made, being a thermo gel, will cool to -14°C and you can then insert them into the bra that we put in the fridge and finally wear it. A very pleasant sensation of relief and freshness that lasts for about two hours will accompany us during our daily routine.

Cooling cups on the market

On the market you can find these cooling cups in a pack that contains two pairs. They are eco-friendly because they can and should be reused after washing them. In the package, in addition to the two pairs of cups, we also find individual pockets where we can store our cooling cups, so as not to get them dirty. When you put them on, nothing will be seen under your clothes. The most famous are called Cool58® Bra Coolers and produced by the Polar Products company.

Benefits of cooling cups

There can be many benefits from using bras in the fridge and cooling cups!

First of all, staying fresh! Especially for women who have large breasts which create more heat under clothing. They are a relief for those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and cannot stay on the street in high temperatures. These cooling cups are also very useful for those who undergo breast surgery, such as mastopexy (breast lift which allows sagging breasts to be lifted), breast augmentation or reduction (operation during which the breast is increased by one or more sizes or is reduced by one or more sizes) or a mastectomy (due to cancer the breasts are removed but subsequently reconstructed). Think of the relief you feel in feeling cool where the surgical cuts were made as well as the help that the cold offers in stopping or slowing down any bleeding caused by the vascularization.

Another great help that cooling cups give is to breastfeeding mothers. It can often be useful to wear a bra placed in the fridge and cooling cups after feedings because the breast has been subjected to intense stimulation by the baby. Often the nipples become very sensitive to the point of hurting, but with the cold transmitted by these cooling cups mothers feel a pleasant relief.

Contraindications on the use of bras in the fridge and cooling cups

No contraindications were reported by those who wore the bra after "refreshing" it in the fridge nor by those who use the cooling cups to put in the bra. Overall, it's worth a try!