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About Oh La Bra

Welcome to Oh La Bra!

My name is Pina, I am the founder and CEO of Oh La Bra, the first Italian e-commerce and blog dedicated mainly to women's lingerie.

My adventure began in May 2020 (yes, in the middle of the pandemic!) when I decided to share my passion for lingerie by opening a blog that in a short time gave me many small satisfactions.

Almost a year later I launched my e-commerce to offer you the best selection of lingerie: innovative, ethical and created by women. Therefore I am constantly looking for new brands that reflect the values ​​of Oh La Bra.

Oh La Bra was also born with the intention of sending a very important message which is to always love yourself and take care of yourself starting from choosing the right lingerie.

To date, Oh La Bra is an e-commerce dedicated to women's fashion with a focus on lingerie. The selected brands respect the principles of Slow Fashion and inclusiveness.

Oh La Bra is a blog through which I share my knowledge of the world of lingerie but it is above all a community of women.

But let's go back a bit... I'll tell you briefly about myself! Born in '89, Neapolitan, graduated in English and French Language and Literature, but my greatest passion has always been fashion.

I have a half moon tattoo on my wrist which symbolizes my being a passionate dreamer!

In 2011 I moved to Milan where I studied Fashion Styling at IED. After that I had the opportunity to work for well-known press offices and showrooms both in Milan and London. In London I also worked for a rather famous celebrity stylist who allowed me to prepare looks for well-known celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Elizabeth Olsen and Lily James.

I can say that I have experienced the thrill of working in the "crazy" and electrifying world of fashion, that I have met wonderful people and others who were not sincere but who gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and grow. I have experienced the thrill of attending many fashion shows and I was moved practically every time!

I thought I had achieved my goal, the one I left home for, but at a certain point I realized that the time had come to chase new dreams and create something of my own.

I left Milan, I started following various training courses in the field of social media marketing and communication.

And then my Oh La Bra was born!

I like to think that everything happens for a good reason, I believe in destiny and love. I love my family, my friends, summer, the sea, strawberries, pizza, music, I love dancing, I like 90s fashion, Friends (and all Rachel Green's looks!) romantic letters , sunsets, surprises, Disney classics, kindness, smiles, honesty, courage, old couples holding hands, strong emotions that make you feel butterflies in your stomach...

Here I am! This is me and I can't wait to get you passionate about lingerie!