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Article: Winter in armocromia: find out if you are a winter woman and which colors suit you

Winter in armocromia: find out if you are a winter woman and which colors suit you

According to color harmony, to be a winter woman you must have precise chromatic characteristics. But what does it mean to be a winter woman?

Color harmony is a discipline that studies the harmony of colors and helps us understand which colors don't suit us, and which ones enhance us.

Based on our hair, eye and complexion color, a specific series of colors designed to enhance our unique characteristics would suit us. According to color scheme, bright and cold colors look good on winter women!

The basics of armochromy

The author of the book "Armocromia, the method of friendly colors that revolutionize life and not just the image" Rossella Migliaccio , claims that we all have friendly and enemy colors, the secret lies in knowing how to choose and match them.

The colors are divided into four seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn . Belonging to one category rather than another depends on the mix of eyes, skin and hair, which define the shades.

Cold colors belong to Winter and Summer while warm and saturated colors belong to Autumn and Spring .

The principle on which color scheme is based is that each of us has friendly colours, which enhance and enhance our appearance, while enemy colours, on the contrary, make us ugly and age, making us messy and tired.
Color harmony is based on four fundamental elements: value, intensity, undertone and contrast.
The value is the element that predominates between light and dark, the intensity indicates the brilliance of one's colors, the undertone is the temperature of our skin, and the contrast is the difference between our uniqueness, that is, skin with hair or with the eyes.

Typical winter colors are deep and with a high intensity, such as midnight blue and white. Autumn has the warm colors of the earth: like yellow, brown and red. People who belong to this season have low intensity.
The friendly colors of those who belong to summer are the cold ones, a little soft and delicate because the summer season has a more intense light which makes the colors around us less intense.

All seasons are characterized by the presence of these elements so the optimal harmony lies in the right combination of our shades with clothing, makeup and hair.
A system that is extraordinary, if you consider that in this way, everyone would be able to better manage their look, avoiding adopting the usual gray or black. It's true that we all like black, but do you know that it is an enemy color of almost all seasons? According to color scheme, black would only look good on women who belong to the winter season!

Winter in armochromy

Winter skin tone is cold, skin tone is very light/pale or olive. The winter woman with her first complexion does not tan easily: she burns and the tan is uneven and "reddish". The “lunar” olive tans a lot and never gets sunburnt.

The winter woman can have light or dark eyes, in fact this is not the element on which to base herself in identifying herself in the winter palette.

The hair can be ash brown, dark brown or black. Don't be fooled if you have natural copper highlights: almost all hair "throws out" red but it doesn't mean you're warm (i.e. autumn or spring).

Women's subgroups Winter

Once you have established that you are a Winter woman, it will be the mix of skin, eye and hair color that determines which subgroup you belong to between "deep", "cool", "bright" and "absolute".

The Inverno deep woman has a high "intensity". The eyes and hair are very dark, while the skin can be light and pink or lunar olive. It is recommended not to lighten your hair color so as not to lose the value of your image.

Salma Hayek

The Inverno Cool woman has a dose of intensity and contrast that is not excessive. The skin is light, the eyes are brown and the hair is medium or dark ash brown.

Lily Collins

The Inverno Bright woman has light and very bright eyes! The skin is light and pink and the hair is brown or black.

Megan Fox

The Absolute Winter woman is the one who has all the characteristics listed so far, cold undertone, dark value and high intensity and contrast, which are equivalent!

Amal Clooney

Which colors look good on the Winter woman?

If you have these characteristics then your palette will be full of bright and cold colors as well as black:

The colors to be banned are beige/apricot, salmon pink, light yellow, orange, aqua green, turquoise and blue, always in warm and bright shades.