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Article: Lingerie for Valentine's Day: which one to choose?

Lingerie for Valentine's Day: which one to choose?

We're almost in February! This means Valentine's Day is almost here! I'm sure our partners aren't thinking about it yet but soon they will remember that the time has come to stress out a little about making romantic plans or looking for gift ideas.

And what better gift than a lingerie set?

Last month I wrote an article to help our boys choose the right lingerie for us without making mistakes! I recommend you let your boyfriends read it:giving lingerie to your partner: mistakes not to make!

Or, if we want to be really on the safe side, we could choose the outfit ourselves and buy it as a Valentine's Day gift for the "couple". But remember that you must like it first and foremost!

And for the single ladies who are reading this article, on Valentine's Day buy your favorite lingerie because we don't need someone special to wear lingerie! Wear it at home or in front of the mirror. Feel beautiful and loved!

Yes, because whether you are single or engaged or “somewhere in between” there is no better time to treat yourself to some beautiful Valentine's Day lingerie for anyone else but you!

At some point in the last few years, it became trendy to share a photo of yourself on Instagram wearing nothing but lingerie.

Even though we had often seen "underwear" paraded as outerwear on the catwalk, this new trend seems like a new phenomenon! It's not a provocation we're looking for, it's power. Women don't do it for anyone else's pleasure but their own.

And perhaps the credit for all this also goes to brands like Thirdlove, Cuup and Savage x Fenty by Rihanna and her exceptional fashion shows, which have stimulated women of all sizes, ages and ethnicities to embrace their sexuality.

But how do we choose the perfect underwear for Valentine's Day?

Whether it's for us or for a romantic after dinner with our partner, the important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful in the underwear purchased.

If we want to enhance our body, we just need to know our strengths and enhance them with the right model for us. We have to rely on our personality. As the beautiful Megax Fox has stated several times: My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance and sensuality. I think when a woman stays true to herself and her values, she naturally shines.

So for example, if you are not comfortable with a super sexy outfit, I advise you not to buy it because you will end up looking embarrassed.

Or if you like it and feel comfortable wearing a bra or a skimpy thong, but you think it might not be appreciated or "understood" by your partner, dare! At worst, he'll just be a little intimidated, which isn't a bad thing!

But let's go into a little more detail:

If you are a romantic, like me, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate love in all its nuances and wear delicate outfits like these that I recommend below!

For Love and Lemons
Fleur du Mal
Katherine Hamilton

If you have a sexy and "playful" soul you can take advantage of Valentine's Day to buy super sensual outfits like these:

Fleur du Mal
Good save Queens

If you are sporty and like practicality you can opt for something comfortable that won't bother you during a dinner or a romantic outing.

Undress Code