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Article: Invisible adhesive bras and nipple covers: which ones to choose for a low-cut garment?

Invisible adhesive bras and nipple covers: which ones to choose for a low-cut garment?

Both in summer and winter, when you want to wear tops or dresses with particular necklines, the thought immediately comes to mind: what bra should I wear? Fortunately, there are many types of invisible bras, shaped specifically for the purpose, or very comfortable nipple covers. There are therefore many solutions for every type of neckline.

Dresses or sweaters with an open back

The function of this type of garment is precisely to enhance the back so that it is better to hide the various laces and bra band. Naturally one of the best options is to wear it without a bra, but unfortunately this is not always possible, because perhaps you need support - in the case of particularly large breasts - or on the contrary to add volume. In these cases it is advisable to resort to adhesive bras, and there are mainly two possible solutions: the first is represented by silicone cups, very convenient to apply and often available in different sizes, and covered in flesh-coloured or black fabric.

The second solution is the adhesive bandeau bra: this type of bra is similar in every way to a classic bandeau model, but is fixed on the sides of the bust with an adhesive, leaving the back uncovered and at the same time ensuring adequate support. A note to remember: when using silicone cups it is necessary not to apply body cream since even the minimal oily component of any cream can reduce the adhesion of the silicone, which requires completely dry skin to properly attach .

I also want to point out that adhesive cups and bras tend to come off especially when it's hot! The choice is vast, especially on the web, but be aware that there is always the possibility that they will come off with sweat and also that after several applications the glue will weaken. But as a general rule I advise you to always store them well in the appropriate box and put the plastic stickers back on the parts with glue.

Below I suggest the best ones, based on my experience and that of all of you who have kindly written to me to give me your feedback!

Intimissimi – One Piece Push-Up Bra in Microfibre

Deep V-neckline

This type of neckline is certainly very sexy because it shows the crease between the breasts, and obviously a classic bra would nullify the peculiarity of a type of clothing like this. There is practically only one suitable invisible bra: the Plunge. There are different types and since it is a bra that is shaped only by a deep neckline on the front, it is otherwise equipped with all the comforts of a normal bra, so it can be with or without underwire, push-up or not .

Fashion Forms (Asos)

Super deep neckline

If the dress or shirt has a neckline that reaches up to the navel, the Plunge is no longer suitable because it could be visible, as are silicone cups. In this case you can use nipple covers, in silicone or fabric.

Sort Lingerie - Nude silicone nipple covers

Or, new at the moment, adhesive tapes or bands for the breasts! What are? Called body tape or boob tape in English and recently arrived in Italy, it has the same function as nipple covers but also raises the décolleté. The effect will be invisible and at the same time the breasts will appear pleasantly upwards. There are multiple sizes, formats and colors (always in nude tones) so you can choose the one most similar to your complexion.

The idea comes from Kim Kardashian, a lover of dresses with plunging necklines! Kim revealed a few years ago that she uses packing tape to cover her nipples and "hold it up" at the same time, often burning her skin.

But last year she launched the skin-friendly version of her famous trick to cover the nipples and wear plunging necklines without a bra. This is a flexible cotton tape that was made for his brand Skims .

But today numerous brands have launched themselves into this experiment from Tezenis to Brassy Bra, an American brand that produces invisible adhesives that have the same function as body tape.

Very intimate
Brassy Bra

Square neckline

If you wear a dress with this particular type of neckline, a classic round cup bra will obviously not be suitable because the upper lunettes would be partially visible. It is possible to opt for a bra with the so-called "half cup" or opt for the balcony, a bra which has the attachment of the straps positioned more laterally and towards the shoulders compared to a classic bra and the cups a little less rounded and more low.

Halter neck or strapless

With this type of neckline you can simply opt for a bandeau bra, which obviously is strapless or has removable straps. For those who have rather voluminous breasts and find little support in a strapless band, they can opt for those models equipped with side stays and/or silicone strips at both the top and bottom to ensure greater comfort and support. Or you can use the strap hooks, from Intimissimi or other brands, which are used to attach the bra straps behind the back in an X shape.