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Article: History of the bikini: the iconic 80s high-leg brief influences swimwear fashion

History of the bikini: the iconic 80s high-leg brief influences swimwear fashion

Hi girls! Do you know that back in the 19th century, swimsuits were actual long dresses?

Brief history of swimsuits : from the bathing suit to the 80s bikini

They were generally called bathing suits that didn't show much skin, commonly made of wool: long skirts with weights sewn into the hems to keep the suit from floating when you immersed yourself in water. Some women didn't even uncover their feet: bathing shoes had become fashionable, to protect themselves from broken glass and shells. Generally made of woven straw or felt, sometimes made more elegant with ribbons or bows. It was not unusual to wear a cloak and bathing cap, to protect the hairstyle. Sailor-inspired swimsuits also became popular around this time.

Sometimes even bathing coats made of silk were used. It was worn on the beach and taken off before entering the water!

Around 1910, swimsuits became shorter and more form-fitting.

In the 1920s they were more practical and showed more and more of a woman's curves. Deep boat or V-neckline with more lively and bright colors. However, you had to be careful and make sure the costumes weren't too short or too revealing. The risk was arrest and incarceration.

In the 1930s and 1940s, necklines dropped and legs were much more exposed. The one-piece costume continued to modify itself to resemble a short, tight dress with spaghetti straps and a V-neckline.

In 1946, a daring two-piece swimsuit designed by French designer Louis Reard would be considered the first bikini in history .

In the 1950s the costumes were more colorful and in the 1960s increasingly tight-fitting, thanks to the use of a new material: nylon.

In the '70s, swimsuits were more revealing than ever. Thongs and string bikinis were in trend.

And here we are at the iconic 80s bikini .

Bold, colorful and imaginative. The bikini became incredibly skimpy, the necklines were deep and the bottoms were very high cut! Giving the world a new version of female sensuality.

Thong-style swimsuits have also caught on, cut to resemble gym leotards. Thus, a type of one-piece swimsuit with very low legs, like the bodysuits worn by fitness enthusiasts, gradually spread. Inspired by the aerobics clothing that Jane Fonda popularized in those years.

But in the 80s it wasn't just the size of the bikini that changed but also the colors of the swimsuit! Fluorescent colors and flashy patterns, including animalier, were preferred. And then there's the famous version of the stars and stripes bikini worn by top model Cindy Crawford as a tribute to America, which drove everyone crazy!

Cindy Crawford

The video below summarizes what I told you! Playmate Amanda Cerny created it and illustrates the evolution of the swimsuit in a nice way.

Summer bikini

The bikini of recent years draws inspiration from the 80s. Summer swimsuits are low-cut, colorful (but also black and white) and animal prints. Just like the ones that made the '80s bikini so popular.

Below are some very beautiful beachwear proposals for this summer!

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