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Article: How to dress well for staying at home: trendy pajamas and loungewear

How to dress well for staying at home: trendy pajamas and loungewear

“Clothes mean nothing until someone starts living in them” – Marc Jacobs.
This famous quote best expresses what is most true about fashion. Considering the period we are all living in, we can define it as more than current and decidedly significant. In fact, pajamas and loungewear adapt to the continuous storms that 2020 has brought with it and many brands have focused precisely on comfortable clothing. Because we understood that dressing well when we are at home is very important!

Why is it important to dress well to stay at home?

The way we dress not only characterizes our personality, but rather emphasizes it. Studies by experts show that clothing has psychological consequences that affect our mood and the progress of our days. Already during the last lockdown, psychology experts advised us several times not to neglect ourselves and to dress well even if we stay at home all day. Why? Thinking about what we have to wear, opening the wardrobe and choosing the look we like, but also putting on make-up or shampooing and styling it, makes us feel good! “Beauty is a medicine for the brain” said Raffaele Morelli, psychotherapist, philosopher and essayist.

So now that, alas, we are preparing for another lockdown, let's not forget to take care of ourselves because it is the best way to avoid the sense of anxiety and also to be more productive in smart working!

Trendy pajamas and loungewear

"Home" clothing, also called loungewear or homewear, should certainly be comfortable but comfortable does not mean lacking in style! Now there are such beautiful pajamas that are also suitable for going out but above all perfect for staying at home in style! But not just pajamas, even tracksuits and other solutions can make us feel beautiful, feminine and not sloppy at home!

As I said at the beginning of this article, fashion adapts to the context in which it is placed! Precisely for this reason, huge fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada and Valentino have decided to focus their attention on so-called home fashion. This year Gucci collaborated with Disney in the creation of silk twill pajamas above which echoes the much-loved icon of Mickey Mouse, set in a lake context. Still talking about the animalier theme, Valentino offers jogging trousers that play with black spotted on a red background, made of silk and rigorously high-waisted. The one who decides to favor the floral theme is instead Prada. Always in shades of red, it offers silk twill pajamas with a floral print on a white background. However, we must not think of completely abolishing the pattern which, combined with satin, can give surprisingly current and chic but also comfortable and casual results.

Loungewear yesterday and today

Did you know that the first to launch comfortable looks inspired by men's pajamas was Coco Chanel? In fact, the designer marked a turning point for the 1930s, so much so that she was taken up by the most current fashion experts of recent years and the top influencers of the moment. Kim Kardashian decided to adopt this style, so much so that she showed up wearing black silk pajamas combined with very high sandals: a look that literally drove every fashion fan crazy. Rihanna also knew how to elegantly wear antique pink silk pajamas on the streets of New York in 2015, causing a sensation amidst the criticism of envious people and the acclamations of all fashion fans.

Which clothing to choose to dress well at home?

Loungewear is now a real trend! Kim Kardashian has launched her own loungewear collection called SKIMS . The name recalls leather (SKIN in English), as the collection is characterized by high wearability, comfortable, shaping and super elastic fabrics, and the availability of garments in numerous nude colours.

Well-known luxury lingerie and sleepwear brands such as La Perla, Morgan Lane, Sleeper, Sleeping with Jacques and Luna di Seta now more than ever offer a refined selection of pajamas, dressing gowns and slips in silk and fantastic lace that make us want to stay At home!

But it's not just the big names who have focused on loungewear! Zara has also launched its first lingerie collection which also includes comfortable but very cool and elegant pajamas. Mango has launched the Comfy collection! And Intimissimi, Yamamay and Oysho also offer some nice alternatives of pajamas, leggings and knitwear.

Below is a selection of comfortable and feminine garments perfect for staying at home in style!