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Article: 80s underwear is back in fashion and inspires the spring/summer collections

80s underwear is back in fashion and inspires the spring/summer collections

Fashion has brought the legendary 80s back into vogue by rediscovering and bringing its component of brazen freedom and desire to live to the catwalk. The 80s were essentially about brazenness and provocation. And this comes out both from the films and from the concerts of the time.

How can we forget Madonna's looks and her structured and decorated bodices designed by Jean Paul Gautier or the timeless slip worn by Kim Basinger in Nine and a Half Weeks ? These lingerie items, which have made the history of the collective imagination, return to the fore in a predominant way in the spring summer lingerie collections.

Madonna-inspired bodysuits and bras

Bodysuits and bodices are a highlight of the underwear collections. Thanks to the versatility of these garments which allow many combinations, the bodice and body are present in the trends in many variations, from the classic simple structured black to garments covered in beads, decorations and studs in pure Madonna style.
The semi-transparent bodysuit with exposed lace, worn over a vaporous skirt, approved by the American singer in 1986, returned to the catwalk not only in the underwear collections, but was re-proposed by the major fashion houses to reiterate the cyclical influence of the trend 80's in vogue.
Likewise, the black bra with a contouring shape but with see-through lace transparencies worn by the singer in many concerts directly under the open jacket, without shirts or t-shirts to hide it, returns in the underwear sets, combined with the high, modest but lace slip.

80s underwear: films and trends

Lingerie was featured in many 80s films.

In Flashdance Jennifer Beals contributed to discarding the exposed bra, and brought on stage the sexy, low-cut black bodysuit, the protagonist of the numerous dance scenes. Also iconic is Jamie Lee Curtis who in Perfect wears beautiful colorful bodysuits during her aerobics lessons, in the company of a wild John Travolta!
In The Explosive Woman, bodysuits worn alone or with matching crop tops are the item most worn by the beautiful Kelly LeBrok.
While the influence of soft bondage in the latest lingerie collections certainly comes from films like Historie d'O and Légami by Almodovar. Crossed laces, enveloping and constricting stripes enrich, strictly in black shades, bras, briefs and bodysuits, making them sophisticated and sexy.

As evidence of how much '80s fashion has influenced current trends, this video made in 2016 by the well-known English fashion magazine LOVE, shows a beautiful and super sexy Bella Hadid wearing various colorful and high-cut bodysuits inspired by the '80s. Just as she performs her workout , imitating the aerobics enthusiasts of the time!

80s trend and underwear: the silk slip

Directly from the fabulous 80s, the slip makes its great return! Item symbolizing the sexiest scene in 80s filmography: Kim Basinger's striptease in Nine and a Half Weeks .

Also iconic is the leopard-print slip worn by Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called Wanda .

The shiny silk slip today becomes the protagonist of the collections of Gucci, Alexander Wang, Blumarine, Lee Matthews and many others. And obviously the lingerie brands also have very interesting proposals:

Fleur du Mal

80s trend and underwear: materials and new interpretations

The silk or lace bra and high-waisted panties are by far the most recurring trend in underwear collections.
Even the leading materials used for the new lingerie creations are not satisfied with the usual, now taken for granted, mix of fabrics, but definitely aim to recover the past. The 80s saw the boom in velvet, used then to create jackets and trousers with an elegant retro English flavour, today it is re-proposed in surprising items of lingerie and pajamas.

After all, what was unusual forty years ago is no longer unusual today, acquiring a new, original and surprisingly fresh air.

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