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Article: Small breasts: which bra is suitable

Small breasts: which bra is suitable

Raise your hand if you, like me, have very small breasts!

I'm curious to know if you've ever thought it was a problem... I did in the past, but for a couple of years I've liked it the way it is and I've learned to appreciate the advantages of small breasts.

Women with large breasts often feel uncomfortable with the exuberance of their anatomical shapes, but even those with small breasts usually don't accept themselves as they are.

In any case we are all beautiful, each with their own shapes, each with their own uniqueness!

But which bra is suitable for small breasts? Among the various requirements to evaluate before choosing the bra is the fit which must guarantee excellent comfort even if the breasts are small.

First of all, have you ever noticed that one breast is smaller than the other? It's completely normal! Most women have asymmetric breasts, usually the left one is the smallest.

Small breasts: types and which bra is suitable

Everyone tries to categorize breast shapes, but it is not possible to do so precisely because there are so many, and every woman has her own particular shape which can also be a combination of several categories. But as the well-known American lingerie brand ThirdLove teaches us, the most common ones, regarding small breasts, are the following.

Relaxed breasts

In some cases, small breasts appear relaxed and tend to adhere to the chest: this condition, which is typical of mature age, can also appear in youth following rapid weight loss.

For this type of breast, a push-up bra with or without underwire is preferred but in any case with padding in the cup characterized by a structure that envelops the breast and ''pulls'' it up! Or a bra without cups but with underwire and push-up effect elastic fabric (as only Timpa lingerie can do! I've tried them and I assure you they are fantastic!)


If you have relaxed breasts, try these bras that I have selected for you on Oh La Bra Shop:

Athletic breasts

An athletic and toned breast is normally very small in size, but is naturally supported by extremely developed muscles.

In this case, a bra without padding may be fine if you are not interested in the volume effect, bralettes are perfect but so are bandeau and strapless bras.

Girls in Pris

If you have athletic breasts, try these bras that I have selected for you on Oh La Bra Shop:

Lateral sinus

Characterized by the tendency of the nipples to protrude towards opposite sides, the lateral breast is generally very small and with an extended central fold, which makes it slightly asymmetrical.

For this anatomical shape, the best choice is a bra with a cup, push-up or not, or with a horizontal band, capable of bringing the breasts back to a central position while helping to push them upwards at the same time. Or the "T-Shirt-Bra" bra, made in such a way as to perfectly wrap the underbust, bringing the breasts slightly closer together and reducing the central crease.

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Beautiful thing


If you have side breast, try these bras that I have selected for you on Oh La Bra Shop:

Distant breast

Similar to the lateral breast, the distant breast has nipples that do not point to the hips but is still characterized by the presence of a decidedly extended furrow.

The balcony bra is confirmed as the ideal choice for anatomical shapes of this type as it is structured under the cups, supporting the breasts and enhancing their shape.


If you have large breasts, try these bras that I have selected for you on Oh La Bra Shop:

Slim breasts

Slender breasts are small breasts that point downwards and are slightly triangular in shape. In this case, if you like the full breast effect, a super push-up is recommended!