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Article: 80s bra: how it was

80s bra: how it was

In the 1980s, the bra was already a consolidated female symbol and considered a garment to be displayed to enhance the female form. And the 80s were precisely the years of the most profitable experimentation with the bra.

As always, fashions are created by great creatives and then spread by great artists, thus highlighting that influencers have always existed. In the 80s there was no brighter star than Madonna, who used a reinterpretation of Jean Paul Gaultier's famous pointed bra in her unforgettable 1989 world tour.

If you are curious to see Madonna's fantastic performance where she wore the pointed bra corset, I recommend you watch this video! Where a very young and already very famous Madonna goes wild on stage during her 1989 Blond Ambition tour!

This type of bra characterized the fashion and female shapes of the 1950s, the so-called bullet bra . Name that clearly derives from the very flashy shape!

It was thanks to Madonna that the bullet bra made its big comeback in the 1980s, but it wasn't the only trend of the time. The 80s were an era in which the female universe returned to being attracted by seduction and eroticism, dusting off the guepières, corsets, garter belts, very small lace bras and very high-cut panties. Also the thong was introduced!

The bra in the 80s as a mirror of society

If we listen to the opinion of sociologists, the reasons for the flourishing of this new fashion were also due to another trend: cosmetic breast surgery. The world economy was booming and the Italian one was in full boom. In this climate of galloping well-being and strongly centered on the affirmation of precise aesthetic canons, it was felt that it was legitimate to achieve happiness by any means. Cosmetic surgery was therefore the most administered "medicine" in those years.

In the 90s the bra was inherited

As we said, the 80s were a period of great experimentation in all fields, especially in the field of fashion. And if this did not allow society to understand well what time it was living in, this served to lay the foundations for the future. In fact, the 90s picked up the legacy of the previous decade and established fashions that had been new and experimental, making them classic and accessible to all.

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