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Article: The right lingerie is good for self-esteem: how to feel more beautiful and sexy?

The right lingerie is good for self-esteem: how to feel more beautiful and sexy?

Do you know that choosing the right lingerie can make us feel more beautiful? Furthermore, choosing the right lingerie increases your self-esteem considerably!

There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy and beautiful! The important thing is to get it into your head that we can all be sexy: because if you feel sexy you're sexy !

There are many psychological studies that support the thesis that if we feel beautiful, we become more beautiful. But we must do it for ourselves, not for others.

Since lingerie is hidden in most cases, we are the ones who see it and therefore carefully choosing the right lingerie means taking care of yourself and loving yourself. And also give yourself a nice dose of self-esteem by doing something just for yourself.

Psychologists, but also Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson and Megan Fox explain it: "choosing the right lingerie increases self-esteem!"

Wearing sexy lingerie has been proven to have a real effect on our attractiveness!

Self-esteem must be built day after day, and the more self-esteem increases, the more self-confidence increases. Of course it is a long process, which requires great awareness of both one's character and physical aspects, including the relationship that we women have with our body.

Wearing an item of lingerie that makes us feel beautiful is a great gesture of self-love.

How can lingerie help you feel confident, happy and comfortable?

Feeling good in your lingerie is key, regardless of whether anyone else can see it or not.

Today, unfortunately, for some people lingerie is still something attributable to the sexual sphere, something that must be seen by the partner in the bedroom. A garment that is only meant to be worn for someone else but isn't. Of course, if our partner also likes it, well, so much the better, but that's not the goal! Also because if we like a certain outfit first of all, and makes us feel at ease even if it is not particularly skimpy, it will make us irresistible a priori!

Confidence in what we wear not only makes us feel good, but it makes us more confident and also makes us gain more confidence in ourselves.

For example, we are sitting in a bar, sipping a glass of wine, and we feel confident in our look, dress, hair and lingerie! If we know we are wearing a nice outfit, which makes us feel sexy, we will also acquire a confident as well as happy appearance. Yes, because feeling good also means being happy which is the most important thing!

Furthermore, as we know, shopping is therapeutic! Whether it's clothing or lingerie! Buying a nice outfit that highlights our strengths can definitely reduce stress a little and make us happier.

Lingerie as an expression of our emotions

Since lingerie is mostly hidden, it can be used as a way to express ourselves, express who we really are.

The choice of lingerie allows us to express our emotions every day without "showing" them to the outside world. Every day based on our mood we can choose a certain outfit that could possibly even cheer us up!

Yes, because colors also affect our mood, so on a sad day I recommend choosing colorful lingerie! The impact of colors on mood is particularly strong: color arouses feelings and emotions.

Or when we feel lazy and want to be comfortable we can pull out basic, seamless bras or beautiful bralettes! Or even cotton briefs or beautiful high-waisted culottes, the so-called granny panties , which are super cool!

And the list goes on and on!

If you are interested in the topic I recommend you read my article on chromotherapy . It is a therapy implemented through colors, which are essential to regain serenity.

In case you feel like buying new sexy and fashionable lingerie, I'll list some super interesting brands! You can find almost all of them on e-commerce!

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