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Article: Large breasts: which bra is suitable

Large breasts: which bra is suitable

Hi girls! After having written an article on which bra is suitable for small breasts , I turn to you lucky ones with larger breasts!

And I have to thank my friends who explained the pros and cons of their "busty" breasts to me so I could do some in-depth research for all of you.

I learned that sometimes it weighs too much, it moves if you run or jump, sometimes the underwire bothers you and other times you don't like the cups even if they make the bra more comfortable.

Large breasts: types and which bra is suitable

Never before has it been so important for women with large breasts to know how to choose a bra, evaluating some requirements, which are:

  • cup: it must be produced with soft and enveloping fabrics that do not constrict the breast, but support it in the most natural way possible;
  • shoulder straps: resistant and elastic, they are always the most practical for each model;
  • fabric: it must be supportive without crushing and therefore have at least a small percentage of elastic material;
  • underwire: not always present but it is useful to help correctly support shapely breasts.

As regards the types, know that it is impossible to list them all, as stated by breast surgeon Giorgio Baratelli, president of LILT - Italian League for the Fight against Cancer of Como:

«The breasts have a different shape for every woman: the breast is a peculiar characteristic like the color of the eyes, the height, the shape of the mouth, etc. It is precisely from these differences that the human desire to classify the various forms arises. However, there is no scientific relevance in this kind of aesthetic classifications"

Having said that, it is still possible to identify maxi typologies by considering the most common shapes! Which are the following:

Bell breast

Bell-shaped breasts always correspond to large sizes and are characterized by a rather narrow base compared to the breast which tends to widen downwards, just like a bell.

In this case it is useful to opt for a large cup bra, capable of containing everything without annoying compressions.


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Large breasts

Large breasts are characterized by a notable space between the bases of the two breasts, which are decidedly voluminous.

The most suitable bra model in this circumstance is the Plunge model which is able to bring the breasts back into an anatomical position.


Round breast

The round breast appears almost perfectly circular and with an abundant but proportionate size, which therefore is not concentrated either above or below.

For this situation, the best bra is characterized by an enveloping cup that must not be too tight but only adhere to all its parts. For those who don't like cups, a bra without one may also be fine, but preferably with wide straps or a band under the breast so as to wrap the breasts well for greater comfort.


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Drop-shaped breast

Teardrop breasts are always quite shapely and round. It is very similar to the bell breast but with one main difference: it is fuller in the upper part, while the bell breast widens towards the bottom.

Therefore the most suitable bra model is the balcony bra which brings the breasts closer together and therefore reduces the space in the upper part.


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