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Article: Give lingerie as a gift at Christmas!

Give lingerie as a gift at Christmas!

Here we go, the time has come to choose Christmas gifts!

Giving lingerie as a gift at Christmas is always a good idea! Who wouldn't want to receive a nice set of lingerie for Christmas?

Or a nice slip, a babydoll or pajamas. And not just from your partner! At Christmas you can give lingerie to your best friend, your sister, sister-in-law, cousin and even yourself!

But be careful not to give a banal or too sexy lingerie set. Below I give you some tips for giving the right lingerie at Christmas.

How to choose the right lingerie to give as a Christmas gift

The golden rule when buying a gift, but especially when buying lingerie as a Christmas gift, is to focus on the person you are giving the gift to. What she likes, what colors she prefers and what fabrics she doesn't prefer. And if you don't know the person that well, well, it's better to be on the safe side and give them something simple and elegant.

Do not purchase shapewear as a gift under any circumstances! Shapewear is something you buy for yourself. There's nothing wrong with wearing shapewear, of course, but it's something you don't want to receive as a gift from anyone - either your partner or your best friend.

Do not give "nude" lingerie with an "invisible" effect. Even if we all wear it in some circumstances or under tight or low-cut dresses, but it is not given as a gift at Christmas. Be original! Give something nice and special as a gift. Something colorful or an elegant lace lingerie set. We all love a black lace outfit that never goes out of style, right?

Velvet/chenille outfits or bodysuits are also a great alternative. Elegant and also suitable for wearing on sight, as outerwear, since they are not transparent.

Giving lingerie at Christmas doesn't have to mean bras and panties, the good news is that there are many other options!

Nightwear is a great alternative and caters for all tastes. If the person you want to give lingerie to likes luxurious fabrics and sinuous styles, opt for a silk chemise, a dressing gown or a babydoll.

You can also give a special pajama, a nice set of red top and shorts.

Or an elegant kimono to match with a slip. But also a night mask, a pair of slippers or socks.

Which lingerie to give for Christmas this year?

In recent years we have learned to appreciate quality products more. Buy better but less. And when it comes to good quality, made in Italy is always a guarantee. Furthermore, I always recommend helping the small brands of our country by purchasing an exclusive, hand-made, personalized and obviously made in Italy item of lingerie.

I absolutely recommend you take a look at some Italian lingerie brands which are fantastic!

Shh Milano makes too cute embroidered briefs, 100% made in Italy with the best selection of cotton and natural fabrics. You can choose the color and pattern you like best and also have us write the phrase or name you prefer on it. You can also pair it with one of their fantastic bralettes.

Chité Milano understood that we women all have different bodies and from here their fantastic MyChité project was born. A platform that allows every woman to create her own made-to-measure bra and customize it according to her tastes. Underwear entirely handmade by Italian laboratories where the concept of "slow fashion" is enhanced, in fact Chité does not follow seasonal fashion but a limited edition capsule is presented every month to offer always different products.

Caramì is a lingerie and activewear brand founded by two incredible, very young and smart sisters. Caramì selects the best Italian fabrics, high quality, comfort as well as beauty.

Vesper is a loungewear brand founded in 2020 by a young woman Ayse. Ayse worked for many years in the fashion industry and realizing the enormous waste of fabrics she decided to create a sustainable brand. As? Vesper only uses fabrics already produced and discarded by other factories.

Vesper gives a second life to Italian fabrics already produced. These fabrics are carefully selected and reassembled by expert tailors in Como, Italy. Supporting Made in Italy and Italian craftsmanship.

Federica Parmeggiani is a young Italian brand, founded by a talented designer who handcrafts elegant and sensual luxury lingerie. The collections are made with highly prized fabrics, French lace of all types, meticulously cut and embroidered by hand. The study of shapes and sartorial skill come together to create true haute couture garments.

Give a swimsuit as a gift at Christmas

An original gift to give, or to treat yourself to, at Christmas could also be a bikini! For summer and sea lovers like me, it's always nice to receive a swimsuit to wear on winter holidays if you go "warm" or to keep for the following year.

Also in this case I recommend choosing a nice particular costume or one with elegant and classy lines. The important thing is that it is of good quality (with a good quality/price ratio), made with refined fabrics, finished well and that it has a nice fit. And if made in Italy even better.

Italy is the homeland of costume manufacturers, especially Southern Italy.

In short, what better gift than a good quality garment, made with love in Italy and which lasts over time?

Pina Chiocchetti / Founder OH LA BRA