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Article: Quality underwear: the lingerie brands to know

Quality underwear: the lingerie brands to know

Why choose quality underwear?

Today more and more importance is given to choosing the perfect underwear. Quality underwear, which has a fair price and a good fit. Without forgetting the aesthetic factor of course. Fortunately, there are more and more lingerie brands that offer quality and beautiful underwear. When it comes to clothing there is nothing more personal than lingerie. Our underwear starts the day with us and is the last item we remove/change in the evening. It is in close contact with the skin and our private parts. So it should be comfortable, contain as few chemicals as possible, and make us feel safe and beautiful. And, ideally, reflect our values ​​of ethics and sustainability. There are a growing number of ethical lingerie brands that respect both people and the planet, and that produce excellent quality, sustainable but also sexy and feminine underwear. For women who don't like basic underwear.

Let's see together some lingerie brands that you absolutely must know and that you can buy online.

Which brands to choose?


Since its launch in 2010, the Copenhagen-based brand has established itself as one of the best sustainable underwear brands. It focuses on helping its customers be more responsible when purchasing underwear, without having to compromise on style. It uses only certified materials such as Tencel, Lyocell, as well as recycled polyester, wool and nylon. Most of its products are also vegan, aside from recycled products, including world or waste resources like milk. Its sustainable approach doesn't stop there, as its packaging is all recycled or biodegradable and it only works with certified factories that guarantee fair working conditions and wages.

Who you

Chitè is a 100% made in Italy lingerie brand that follows the principles of Slow Couture. Slow Couture means restoring value to small gestures, details and artisanal savoir-faire. In a world that runs ever faster, rediscover the pleasure of dedicating the time they deserve to things. In fact, Chitè's modern and original design becomes reality thanks to small independent workshops that have handed down the textile tradition for generations.

After a careful selection of fabrics, every single garment is sewn and worked by the expert hands of seamstresses who make their profession a true art.

Fruity Booty

It is among the lingerie brands that you absolutely must know if you are a lover of colorful underwear.

Fruity Booty offers its customers a fun and playful take on lingerie. Founded in 2018, the London-based brand uses locally sourced dead stock and surplus materials to create undergarments sustainably.


One of the best brands if you are looking for quality, sustainable underwear with a basic look. Woron is based in Copenhagen, founded by two sisters who care about women's health and the environment.

Woron reminds us why being transparent with your supply chains is one of the most important steps you can take as a responsible brand. The brand seeks the most environmentally responsible processes, low-impact fabrics and ethical production.


100% made in Italy, their famous briefs embroidered with amorous and playful messages can be personalized on request and, as the founders say, «The messages we embroider are deliberately a little kinky and often hide double meanings. Hence the name of the brand shh... some secrets are too delicious not to share !». Each garment is produced in cotton, silk or wool and available in different variations, and is handmade, just like in the past.

Semi Romantic

Brand founded by two friends in Amsterdam but production takes place in Portugal using fine and recycled fabrics. The outfits are feminine and luxurious but not flashy. They are very comfortable but also elegant and of excellent quality.


100% made in Italy luxury lingerie brand, excellent products, where the quality of the design and manufacturing demonstrate all their value with excellent quality fabrics handcrafted by expert seamstresses. Founded by two young Florentine sisters, driven by the desire to realize a common dream with their products: "To make all women feel at ease on any occasion". Seductive and delicate garments that highlight femininity and elegance, respecting the skin and where convenience and comfort are unique features that are never absent.

Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen is a young lingerie brand, born in 2016 from the creativity of Georgia Larsen. All collections present a unique style, created through a personalized combination of colors capable of giving each garment a truly unique and exclusive originality. The fabrics used are eco-sustainable and OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they are non-toxic and light in contact with the skin. 83% of the raw materials used come from responsible sources and contain recycled or organic and natural fibres.