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Article: How to calculate the right bra size

How to calculate the right bra size

Choosing the right bra is not as simple as it might seem. Because we are often not able to perfectly calculate the right cup and the most suitable size for our breasts. We often settle for a bra that does not offer the right support, precisely due to the difficulty or lack of knowledge of the appropriate method for calculating the right bra size. Here, then, is the secret to doing it best! Curious?

Why it is important to calculate the right bra size

The bra is a very important underwear because it supports a delicate and visible part of the body such as the breast. There are many women who every day wear the wrong size compared to their measurements and yet don't realize it. Making a mistake that affects the entire figure. With a suitable bra, which supports and enhances the shape, it is possible to make the breasts appear higher but also more supported and firm, thus harmonizing the entire figure. Furthermore, especially for those who have to deal with generous shapes, good breast support is perfect for not weighing down the back. And to keep the spine in an upright position, without making it curve forward due to the weight of the breasts. Finally, a bra that supports in the right way allows you to wear it without suffering from its presence and becomes an indispensable beauty ally to wear every day. Without leaving marks from the braces or splints on the skin, depending on the model chosen.

What measures to take

Calculating the right bra size is not such a complex operation but it is necessary to do some preliminary work to which you need to pay close attention. To calculate the ideal size you need to start from your chest circumference and breast circumference measurements because these are the two measurements that will need to be processed to know your breast size perfectly. The chest measurement, also called underbust, is taken with a tape measure, passing it over the rib cage at the precise height identified under the breast. You must be careful to maintain an upright position and breathe normally, without holding or inhaling too deeply. The measurement of the breast circumference, however, is always taken with the same type of measuring tape but this time passing it exactly over the nipple so as to have a perfect measurement. Also in this case it is important to keep upright during the measurement and not hold your breath.

Which type of bra to choose

Many different types of bras can now be found on the market since the underwear industries have long embraced the mission of offering every woman the most suitable bra. There is the one with cups, the one with underwire, the one that gives a more voluminous size and so on. In Italy bras are divided by size and cup. The size is classified from I (very small breasts) to X (large breasts). As far as cups are concerned, however, they are classified according to letters ranging from A to F. While in the past it was possible to choose the size but not the cup size, today almost all the large underwear companies offer the possibility of purchasing the same model not only with sizes but also with different cups, to identify the one that fits best and offers greater comfort.

How to calculate your chest size

Now that you have these two units of measurement it will be very simple to calculate the perfect size. We start with the size, the first method of classifying bras, and then move on to the definition of the cup. To calculate the most suitable size, the fixed number 60 must be subtracted from the measurement of the underbust circumference. The result must then be divided by the number 5 : what comes out will be precisely the most suitable measurement for your rib cage.

If the number resulting from the division is not perfect, it will be sufficient to round up or down to the nearest unit.

How to calculate your bra cup

Once the right size has been calculated, the work of choosing the most suitable bra is not over because the most suitable cup must be calculated. In fact, there are quite a few women who have a bra size of one type but need a cup that is larger or smaller than average for that type of size. Even in this case the calculation is not at all difficult and we start from the measurements already taken previously. To calculate the most suitable cup for your breast, you need to follow this formula: breast circumference minus chest circumference . The number resulting from this operation must be compared to the cup table to find out which is the most suitable. But just keep in mind that every 5 cm difference between chest and breast you change your bra cup:

Result < 5 cm: cup A
Result 10 cm: B cup
Result 15 cm: C cup
Result 20 cm: D cup
Result 25 cm: E cup

Obviously, even in this case it could happen that you do not have an absolutely perfect result but require a small approximation to get closer to the right number.

You will also notice, if you are purchasing a US size bra, that the E cup is generally called DD, and the F cup is called DDD. While the subsequent sizes will be: G, H and so on at the brand's discretion (therefore: A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H)

While in UK (and also Australian) sizes, DD is an "extra" size between D and E.

However, given that each brand has a particular design, it is not possible to make a commercial generalization but generally it works as I have explained!

Now that the precise measurements have been identified, if we want to buy a bra in a non-Italian size, be it an online or physical purchase, it's very easy! Just find the size corresponding to the Italian one... below is an easy size chart that I have prepared for you!