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Article: Fashionable pajamas for going out: pajamas become an elegant day or evening look

Fashionable pajamas for going out: pajamas become an elegant day or evening look

Today there is a huge choice of fashionable pajamas for going out, suitable for our evening or day looks.

For some years now, with creativity and innovation, fashion has eliminated the boundary between nightwear and everyday outfits, giving rise to exclusive lines of beautiful pajamas suitable for our outings.

Let's take a look at the super looks of the It girls of the moment!

A bit of history

Until the end of the 19th century, both men and women wore long, loose and comfortable shirts to sleep. The pajama as we know it, i.e. tunic and trousers, was discovered by English explorers when they conquered India, a country where they found the so-called Pae Jama in use by the locals of some regions. Word which literally translated means "leg cover". Imported into the West, it became an expression of the change in women's fashion and above all thanks to Chanel - who designed elegant outfits of this type for use on the beach - that women appropriated this informal and sophisticated garment, reserved until recently above all to the men's sector.

Pajamas become a trend

In times of smartworking, high fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino, to name a few, give us models made of precious silks, ultra chic, both in single-color versions and decorated with floral and exotic prints. Lingerie and nightwear brands also offer a vast choice of chic, oriental pajamas or those recalling the graphics of the Belle Epoque. Couture pajamas adorned with lace, feathers, floral or animalier embroidery.

From the past to today

Drawing inspiration from the legendary "Hostess Pajama", which became famous in the fabulous 1940s, the maisons created silk suits in bright and sophisticated colours, elegant for living at home with style and femininity, degagé enough to also be worn to go out to do commissions and why not, to finally give a twist to the style imposed in réunion d'affaires. Designers like Balenciaga serve us an opportunity to renew our wardrobe on a silver platter, offering black pinstripe patterned trousers with a contrasting emerald green jacket, invisible finishes and tone-on-tone buttons, while Dolce and Gabbana focuses on the charm of total black on which classic and romantic roses stand out. Gucci modifies the original cut and designs wide trousers, an open jacket and Japanese-style harmonies, however adorned with the classic motifs of the historic maison . There is no shortage of palazzo trousers and shrugs closed with bows or mandarin collars, explosions of ruches and graceful feathers hanging from pockets, sleeves and breast pockets, and finally urban kimonos.

Couture pajamas, therefore, the new frontier of change in nightwear that we have all been waiting for.