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Article: Women's beachwear trends 2021: what is the right swimsuit to choose?

Women's beachwear trends 2021: what is the right swimsuit to choose?

Tips for choosing the right costume

Summer 2021 is now upon us and never like this year have we dreamed of being able to forget the last year with a nice holiday! Days on the beach, at the seaside or at the lake, in the mountains or in the countryside. The important thing is to choose the right costume to show off to feel beautiful, trendy and at ease!

Like every year, summer 2021 is full of beach fashion trends to follow to always be perfect.
Don't be unprepared and take notes to have a cool and trendy look even on the beach.

The coolest colors for 2021 Swimwear

The watchword for the summer season is color! Before diving headlong into the different models of swimsuits to show off on the beach this year, and discovering the most fashionable accessories, it is good to first understand the colors that cannot be missing in this hot Italian summer.
The 2021 women's beachwear trends give us a breath of joy and sunshine through bright shades and pure white. For the 2021 hot season the most popular colors are: white, black, cardinal red, sunny yellow, lime, wisteria, animal print, undergrowth green and blue in all its shades. As always, fashion really thinks about every complexion and the different needs of every woman, for example white proves to be ideal for amber skins that need a light that illuminates them, while blue, green and wisteria are perfect for those who have a light complexion. And for lovers of the always elegant black this year the choice is vast: caviar black, shiny or treated, black is always an excellent choice, especially for olive skin.

Women's beachwear trends 2021: Trikini passion

The 2021 women's beachwear trends remind us that it's not summer if you don't wear a trikini at least once. A swimsuit model that is a cross between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. It is mainly suitable for slimmer bodies and for those who do not have such a generous breast size, but personally I believe that everyone can wear what they prefer!

The trikini has always been synonymous with elegance and charm, but this year the models are more fashionable than ever: the pastel and brighter nuances release a breath of freshness.

Agent Provocateur
Bikini Bodibibu
Queen Olga

The timeless Bikini

Like every self-respecting summer, this year too fashion gives us bikinis in every form. The 2021 women's beachwear trends suggest bikinis for every taste and every body type to make the most of every body. Very trendy are bikinis with briefs, or Brazilian bottoms, with a high-cut V shape that visually lengthens the legs and enhances any silhouette.

Or the bikini with laces to tie at the waist, for an even more fashionable effect or the bikinis with high-waisted bottoms which are trendy again this year. The high-waisted briefs emphasize the waistline and also cover the "belly" (if you want to cover it!).

Bikini Bodibibu
Ete Swimwear
Shh Milan

Crochet bikini for a radical chic effect

From the most sought after brands to the low cost ones this year the Crochet bikini is back in fashion. A crochet swimsuit made of 100% cotton and with bright colors that enhance the tan. The delicacy of the shapes allows you to enhance any female body for a fresh and youthful look.

Frankies Bikini

A 50s Diva look with Vichy checked swimsuits

Who would have thought that Vichy checked prints would be back in fashion? The 2021 women's beachwear trends suggest gingham prints for a super glamorous effect. The result is clearly chic and very feminine for a Brigitte Bardot style summer.

Mc2 Saint Barth

Bucket Hat kicks off for summer 2021

For the Spring/Summer 2021 season, an accessory that cannot be missing from the beach bag is the bucket hat: a fisherman-style hat which, if combined with the right swimsuit, is a must have for this season. In addition to its undoubted usefulness, it is perfect for creating a refined and extremely versatile look for this summer.