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Article: Which swimsuit to choose based on your body shape

Which swimsuit to choose based on your body shape

Which costume to choose based on your physique? Let's discover step by step how to understand our physical shape and which swimsuit to wear to always have a harmonious silhouette even on the beach or in the pool.

Which swimsuit to choose based on your body shape: why it matters

Choosing the ideal costume based on your physicality is very important because it will make us feel at ease. We know that sometimes it's a little difficult to put on a swimsuit, especially at the beginning of summer when we're not yet tanned or we think we're not in perfect shape but in reality it doesn't take much to be ready for the beach!

I'll summarize it for you with this quote that I really like:

Nothing more true, right? Having said that, it is also right to want to enhance our body and our shapes so choosing the right swimsuit can be very strategic in enhancing our strengths!

By convention we speak of a woman with an apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangle physique because these geometric shapes summarize the profile of the female body quite effectively.

The ideal swimsuit for the apple-shaped body

Here's which swimsuit to choose based on your apple-shaped body: bikini or one-piece but with details on the points to be enhanced. This type of physicality shows a compact torso with a few extra kilos concentrated on the arms and belly above all, while the legs and hips are slim. Precisely for this visual imbalance it is good to try to use costumes that give a more harmonious look and there are so many choices, for example briefs with ruffles, bows, fringes and various applications are perfect. The bikini top or bra, but also the upper part of the one-piece swimsuit, is better to have deep necklines, perhaps V-shaped which have the power to slim the bust. Alternatively, one-shoulder swimsuits are also ideal because the diagonal shape seems to break up the width of the shoulders and the upper part of the body. Finally, if you prefer straps, they should be thick. As for the briefs, if you want to cover the "bacon", I recommend a high-waisted panty or Brazilian brief that defines the waistline.

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The ideal swimsuit for the pear-shaped body

The pear-shaped physique is considered, like the hourglass one, very feminine and widespread. Pear-shaped women have a thin bust, narrow shoulders and small breasts while the hips are showy, soft, wide especially compared to the upper part of the body. Surely the ideal swimsuits for this type of body are those that highlight the waistline. The bikini or trikini is therefore the perfect model and it is also a good idea to prefer garments that visually increase the volume on the bust so go ahead with shoulder straps with ruffles, flounces, voilants, various even eye-catching applications. These same details can also be the protagonists of the swimsuit bra but the important thing is to choose briefs or one-pieces that are minimal on the hips and the most suitable ones are the monochromatic high-waisted ones. Suits with bright or patterned bras and dark briefs are also perfect, as they will camouflage the buttery lines even more, while the straps should be thin.


The ideal swimsuit for the hourglass body shape

Hourglass women are very lucky and can afford to wear the most varied items of clothing in terms of shape, color and pattern. This physicality is characterized by shoulders and hips of more or less the same width, quite busty breasts and a narrow waist, but which swimsuit to choose based on your hourglass physique? Surely those who have this physique should highlight it in its entirety and the perfect costume is undoubtedly the trikini with thin laces, alternatively the classic one-piece swimsuit is also ideal as long as it is high-cut and has deep necklines. Furthermore, if you like the bikini, I recommend the fastening behind the neck, while all briefs are fine, but the high-waisted ones are more glamorous.


The ideal swimsuit for the inverted triangle body shape

The inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the pear shape body we talked about earlier. So the breasts are busty, the shoulders are broad but the pelvis and legs are very thin. In this case the suitable costume will be a bikini with a bra with wide straps and welcoming cups. If they are tied behind the neck it is better because they help to highlight the shoulders without widening them. The sides, on the other hand, should be embellished and widened with ruffles and bows. The one-piece swimsuit can also be a valid alternative.

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The ideal swimsuit for the rectangle body shape

Which swimsuit to choose based on your rectangle body shape? First of all, let's clarify what is meant by rectangle physicality. The women in question have a straight bust without too many curves, the waist, hips and shoulders have almost the same width. The ideal swimsuit is the one that manages to visually increase the volume of at least one of these parts and, as also seen for the apple and pear body shape, ruffles, ruffles and applications are the perfect weapon. For example, go ahead with bows on the hips, on one shoulder, on the décolleté, flounces on the panties or on the bra, or you can take advantage of color contrasts by choosing panties of one color and top of another. Even the one-piece swimsuit should be colorful and perhaps with diagonal and asymmetrical two-tone stripes, with very bright flowers or with a strap of a different and eye-catching shade.

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