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Article: How to choose the right bikini based on your breasts and B-side!

How to choose the right bikini based on your breasts and B-side!

Summer is finally approaching! With the arrival of good weather and especially after the forced lockdown , I can't wait to go to the beach with my friends! And you?

So you have to start thinking about your swimsuit! First of all we choose whether to opt for a two-piece (bikini) or a one-piece swimsuit or a trikini. The trikini is a single piece, which however leaves many areas of the body uncovered, such as the hips and belly.

Choosing the right bikini is a little more complicated because, if we want to make a choice that suits our body, we need to study its characteristics. Like when we choose lingerie!

Guide to choosing the right bikini

How to choose the right bikini based on your breasts

The bikini consists of a bra and a panty!

The bra can be balcony, triangle, push up or without padding, and then there is the classic strapless band.

If you have small breasts, we recommend strapless bands, triangle models and those enriched with ruffles, which give a little volume. Or a bra with cups if you like a push up effect!

For those with large breasts, we recommend a bra that fastens behind the neck, with a cup or at least with underwire and slightly shaped seams. The balcony model is very suitable but if you prefer triangles or bands, just use extra accessories that promote a good fit. Such as cups or straps with adjustable hooks, which will be able to give adequate support to even the busiest breasts.

A further aspect to consider is the way in which the bra will be worn: by choosing the right cup, applying the appropriate straps to the center of the shoulder blade and evaluating a fabric capable of adhering well under the bust, we will allow the front band to gently wrap the breast.

Side B

To balance the shape of your body, the choice of slip is also important to enhance our B-side!

When the bottom is more square, that is, small and generally flat, you have to play with the optical illusion created by bows or side laces or a high-cut cut that highlights the shape. A ruched fabric can add volume.

Those with large hips should choose a brief with a minimum height on the hips, slightly structured with vertical laces or with some ruffles to camouflage the roll effect. It is better to avoid high-waisted briefs and one-piece swimsuits that highlight the waistline by shortening the legs.

For those with narrow hips and shoulders that are larger than the rest of the body, I recommend lace-up briefs and low-waisted swimsuits.

When the waistline is not very "marked" and the breasts are small, a bikini with a one-shoulder top and ruffled bottoms is ideal!

While to cover the belly there are one-piece swimsuits which are now increasingly fashionable and even sexy! But for those who prefer bikinis, I recommend bikinis with a slightly retro mood and a high waist.

For those with a wasp waist, I recommend choosing low-waisted briefs with laces, to highlight the waist, and a push-up bra to enhance the shape of the breasts, giving sinuosity to the body.

As far as colors are concerned, it is well known that a strong shade will attract attention and it is therefore appropriate to use it where we want to stand out the most. Regarding the color of our complexion: if it is rather white, we may prefer more delicate shades or black, while for dark skin, bright colors will enhance the final result.

Let's take a look at the most beautiful costumes!

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