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Article: Zara launches its first lingerie collection!

Zara launches its first lingerie collection!

In a time when we're staying at home a lot more, with a big Covid-fueled increase in sales of both lingerie and loungewear, Zara launches its first lingerie collection!

Zara has long been our point of reference for catwalk trends but at affordable prices. It has always been in the business of predicting what shoppers want and has chosen just the right time to make its entry into this new category: lingerie.

The pandemic has inevitably directed us towards more comfortable and homely fashion, rather than towards "fast" and exclusive trends.

Zara's first underwear collection was called The Female Gaze and features 158 pieces: bras, underwear, tank tops, silk dresses but also loungewear such as pajamas, dressing gowns, bodysuits, scarves, socks, night eye masks. The fabrics range from silk to wool, from cashmere to cotton.

The colors are soft: cream, silver, black and powder pink. The bras are mostly without underwire, the fabrics are soft, the models are comfortable. In short, the collection focuses on comfort, elegance and quality.

The price range is quite reasonable, with starting prices around 12.95 euros even if the silk items are not exactly cheap. Silk underwear starts from 19.95 euros up to 160 euros for silk pajamas.

The only slightly disappointing thing, in my opinion, is that Zara didn't include "plus size". Most of the pieces fall within the standard range of the brand: S, M and L. And it surprises me, given that now many brands, especially lingerie, have embraced the concept of inclusiveness. Not to mention the fact that we women are increasingly inclined to invest in good, quality and long-lasting lingerie.

Zara presented the collection with a beautiful black and white campaign that celebrates femininity.