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Article: How to choose the color of the costume based on your skin tone and hair color

How to choose the color of the costume based on your skin tone and hair color

Choosing the right swimsuit is important to enhance yourself and always feel comfortable. The costume should be chosen based on your physique but it is also important to think about the suitable color, based on your complexion and hair. One of the main rules to keep in mind is to play with the contrasts between the color of the skin and hair and the color of the costume. Basically, dark costumes will look better on light skin and hair and vice versa.

The color of the swimsuit for light skin tones and hair (red or blonde)

If you have white or very light skin (pale/cool skin undertone) and blond hair, it is advisable to avoid neutral shades, such as beige, white or nude. While colors such as cornflower blue but also different shades of green, pink or lilac are recommended. Fluorescent and too bright colors are absolutely banned.
If you have skin that is not too light and tans easily, becoming "golden", it means that the undertone is warm. In this case, colors such as burgundy and dark red, as well as golden, beige and brown, are good. Yellow or orange should be used preferably if the hair tends to be red/coppery while it is better not to wear them if combined with blonde or light ash-colored hair.

Solid & Striped

The color of the swimsuit for white skin tones with dark hair (brown or black)

Which swimsuit if you have Snow White colors? Having a light complexion with dark hair is a particular combination that should absolutely stand out! You can dare by choosing all possible shades of blue, such as cobalt, turquoise, light blue or light blue. Blue-purple tones such as plum, aubergine or rosy magenta and bright red are also good. Avoid wearing orange or yellow colored swimsuits. If your skin is not too white, black costumes are also highly recommended.

Urban Outfitters

The color of the swimsuit for olive complexions and dark hair

Also in this case you can play with many different colors, including fluorescent tones that will go perfectly with dark skin tones. Pearly pink is another color capable of standing out perfectly by contrasting with your dark complexion and the color of your hair. You can have fun playing with bright and lively colors, such as lemon yellow or bright fuchsia. And you can also wear delicious costumes with fun, animal or floral prints. However, it is better to avoid all those colors that seem to be too similar to that of your skin such as military green, dark brown, gold or olive green, because they would not stand out and you would not be able to obtain an overall "wow" effect.


The color of the swimsuit for dark skin tones and very dark hair

If you have a very dark complexion and jet black or very dark brown hair, then pastel swimsuits will be your best friend. Pink, green, blue, light blue and so on and so forth. Delicate shades that will blend perfectly with the deep tone of your complexion, creating a play of contrasts that will never make you go unnoticed. Avoid too light colors like white, ivory, pink or grey. Some brighter colors or perhaps solid color costumes with colorful micro-patterns are a good idea but should be used in moderation.

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Having light skin may seem like a disadvantage from the point of view of choosing the color of swimsuits but this is not the case! You can start with dark swimsuits for the first few days and then mix various colors as soon as your skin gets a little sun. Once you have a golden complexion you can wear lighter colored swimsuits, which can make your sun-kissed skin stand out even more. The additional advice is to also use fantastic additional accessories to match your costume, therefore choosing beachwear covers in the same shades or cute hair bands and bags. In the case of garments and accessories, you can decide to choose something in the same color or play with contrasts by choosing different colors and create delicious looks for the beach, an aperitif or a summer dinner with friends.