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Article: How to hold your breasts without a bra

How to hold your breasts without a bra

Is it possible to hold your breasts without a bra? Obviously not because unfortunately we cannot fight the force of gravity but there are methods to counteract it! To hold your breasts without a bra, you can use adhesive breast tapes or bands. But there are also "visual" tricks for holding up your breasts without a bra, i.e. using make up.

Hold your breasts with adhesive tapes

One of the methods for holding your breasts without a bra is to use adhesive tapes or bands. What are?

Called body tape or boob tape in English, it has the same function as nipple covers but also raises the décolleté. The effect will be invisible and at the same time the breasts will appear pleasantly upwards. There are multiple sizes, formats and colors so you can choose the one most similar to your complexion.

The idea comes from Kim Kardashian, a lover of dresses with plunging necklines! Kim revealed a few years ago that she uses packing tape to cover her nipples and "hold it up" at the same time, often burning her skin.

But last year she launched the skin-friendly version of her famous trick to cover the nipples and wear plunging necklines without a bra. This is a flexible cotton tape that was made for his brand Skims .

But today numerous brands have launched themselves into this experiment from Tezenis to Brassy Bra, an American brand that produces invisible adhesives that have the same function as body tape.

Make up: fast and economical method

One of the "visual" tricks to get high breasts without wearing a bra is to use make up.

If you are in a hurry and need a way to hold up your breasts without using a bra but don't have time to buy adhesive tapes, the make up method is undoubtedly the most feasible and economical.

A pearly body cream can make it more noticeable, while a bronzing powder can increase its size by one size.

If you want a natural effect, using a highlighter can make your breasts appear fuller. Spread the illuminating cream from the sides to the central part of the breast.

For a more noticeable effect, a bronzing powder can create shadows that give the illusion of larger breasts.
Use a powder two shades darker than your skin color and highlight the top of your breasts (just below your collarbone).

Hold your breasts more permanently without a bra

Obviously, for more lasting results you need to resort to physical exercises which, performed consistently over time, can lead to visible results. Such as push-ups, planks and the use of weights that engage the chest muscles.