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Article: Why do people wear red underwear at Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Why do people wear red underwear at Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, I asked myself for the first time why people wear red underwear at Christmas and especially on New Year's Eve! And I did extensive research!
With the arrival of the holidays, the frantic search for suitable underwear for Christmas and New Year begins which, according to tradition, must necessarily be red.
Apparently you "necessarily" have to wear underwear of this shade under your clothes and, obviously, it must be new.
A classic way to radically say goodbye to the year that has now ended, welcoming the new year with the best intentions.

Why must underwear be red at Christmas and New Year?

Tradition has it that underwear has the role of "ferrying" towards the new year with all good intentions, and leaving the old one behind.

Apparently this is a custom that originates in China, where the color red represents good wishes and good luck, to the point that it is even used for wedding celebrations.
There would be a real popular belief behind this specific symbolism.
Since ancient times, men have used red to scare away and scare the Niàn, a beast that eats men and children.
So to chase away bad spirits and get rid of them with the arrival of the new year, people continued to wear the color red which is a sign of good luck.

Another movement of thought would date this habit back to the time of Octavian. In fact, on the occasion of the Roman New Year, people who wore something of this color represented power, good health, the heart and fertility. Therefore red is the symbol of strength and love, as well as luck and passion.
Furthermore, women have always liked red a lot because, being a bright colour, it is sexy and has the ability to accentuate feminine lines...

The current tradition of red underwear

Even today, wearing red on Christmas and New Year's Eve is a tradition but also a fashion trend.
If you want to be meticulous there is a precise rule that you must follow and that perhaps not everyone knows!
Underwear for Christmas and New Year should be donated and therefore you shouldn't buy it for yourself! Another indication that you should follow is to throw away the underwear set in question the following day, to face the beginning of the new year in the best possible way and chase away negative thoughts.
And are you team red or will you try another color this year on New Year's Eve? Seeing how the last two years have gone, maybe we should change colour! What do you think?

In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!