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Article: How to store swimsuits at the end of summer

How to store swimsuits at the end of summer

Knowing how to store your swimsuits at the end of summer is very important to ensure they last longer.

Have you ever taken out the costumes stored in the closet the summer before and found them ruined? Hard, deformed or with loose elastics?

Or smelly, yellowed or even mouldy?

All this can happen when the quality of the fabrics is poor but also if the costumes are not treated in the right way.

Let's see together what are the main precautions to take to preserve swimsuits and ensure a longer life.

How to wash swimsuits?

Speaking about how to store swimsuits, it is essential to pay attention to washing first of all.

It is important to rinse your swimsuits when you return from the beach or swimming pool: the salt and chlorine cause the fabrics to discolor in the long run. This must be done both at the end of the summer but also while you are still on holiday, every time you wear your swimsuits.

How to wash them? Preferably not in the washing machine but by hand and using a mild detergent.

The ideal is to first rinse the costumes under the jet of cold water to eliminate any residual sand, and then place them in a basin of cold water for about 15 minutes with a little detergent (be careful not to exaggerate with the quantity of detergent because it could ruin the costume.) Rub and wring the items lightly. Be especially careful with bras with underwire and those with removable cups, because if squeezed too much they could deform. I recommend removing the cups first and washing them separately in the same basin.

How to wash costumes in the washing machine?

If you really can't do without washing in the washing machine, do a very delicate, short wash (maximum 30 minutes) and with cold water. Use a little neutral detergent. Absolutely avoid the centrifuge.

How to dry swimsuits?

To best preserve your swimsuits, it is essential to dry them in the right way.

Once you have washed the costumes, put them to dry on the drying rack without pegs, in the open air but preferably not in the sun.

Or at least don't leave them in the sun for too long, once they're dry put them back.

Never place them in electric dryers, on radiators or on stoves. They should never be exposed to direct contact with heat sources. So don't iron them! Instead, press them a little with your hands.

If your swimsuit ties, always check that you have untied all knots before drying it.

How to store swimsuits in the wardrobe at the end of summer?

Finally, to put away your swimsuits at the end of summer, first make sure they are dry. The cups or the thicker parts where the seams are sometimes remain damp. This must not happen because this could cause mold and bad odors.

They must be folded well and the swimsuit cups must be placed one inside the other.

Untie the straps of your panties and bras, so as not to create creases. By keeping the fabric tensioned in the same position for a long time you risk finding the swimsuit with a marked mark in a specific point.

If you are wondering how to store swimsuits or rather where to store them, know that transparent plastic or nylon bags should always be avoided because they do not allow the fabrics to breathe!

Costumes should be placed in a drawer or box. It would be ideal to store each costume in a cotton bag or other breathable fabric.

And did you know these tricks on how to store swimsuits? I hope they were useful to you!