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Article: Homewear: let's stay at home in style

Homewear: let's stay at home in style

At this moment, working in smart working is inevitable! But we can stay at home, as the Coronavirus emergency requires, without giving up style! Feeling cared for and tidy even when working from home will help us better organize our time and work. Furthermore, choosing the right homewear look can also impact productivity and our mood.

First piece of advice? Take off the pajamas we slept in! As soon as you wake up, have a nice breakfast, a bit of yoga to wake up your muscles, your beauty routine and then wear your favorite comfortable look !

Never before has the web been full of comfortable and beautiful items to wear!

Just take a look at the e-shops to realize how vast the offer of homewear or loungewear is, i.e. clothing designed for staying at home. Kim Kardashian, as demonstrated by hundreds of selfies, prefers neutral tones at home. He loves them so much that he introduced a line of loungewear in his new brand Skims .

Like Kim, many other brands have introduced or expanded their homewear/loungewear line… if you are looking for some inspiration take a look at this selection.

Out From Under (by Urban Outfitters)
Very intimate