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Article: Push up bra: what is it for?

Push up bra: what is it for?

The push-up bra serves to visually increase the size of the breast and lift it upwards and towards the center.

The push-up bra provides good support to the breasts and visually shapes their appearance. This undergarment is designed with structured cups that offer firm support to the breast tissue. Its design often includes padding or contoured underwires positioned at the bottom of the cups, which allows the breasts to be gently pushed up and towards the center.

The lifting effect is particularly appreciated by some women, as it gives the breasts a fuller and more toned shape. This aspect not only contributes to better posture , but can also provide a sense of self-confidence and well-being .

Furthermore, the support provided by the bra is particularly beneficial for women with larger breasts , reducing any discomfort related to the weight of the breasts.

The origin of the Push-Up Bra: An innovation in intimate fashion

The push-up bra has a fascinating history dating back to the late 19th century . The idea of ​​creating a bra that provided support and at the same time improved the appearance of the breasts is mainly attributed to Mary Phelps Jacob , a young American inventor. In 1914, Mary created her first push-up bra prototype using two silk handkerchiefs and some safety pins. His creation proved revolutionary as it differed greatly from the heavy and uncomfortable corsets of the time.

In 1915, Mary obtained a patent for her design and began marketing her push-up bra under the name " Caresse Crosby ". This new undergarment quickly gained popularity among women looking for a more comfortable and modern solution to breast support.

In the following years, the push-up bra has undergone numerous evolutions and improvements. More modern materials , such as nylon and Lycra , have been introduced and cup design has been refined to offer even better lift and definition. The push-up bra has become an icon in intimate fashion, with numerous brands offering a wide range of styles, designs and padding levels to meet the needs of women everywhere.

Push up bra: creates a more defined décolleté

The push-up bra is known for its ability to transform the appearance of the décolleté significantly. This intimate piece of clothing is carefully designed, using cups that incorporate padding or molded underwires at the bottom to push the breasts up and towards the center. This action creates a fuller, more toned shape, giving a more defined look.

Many women appreciate the bra for its power to emphasize their natural curves and flatter their figure. This is especially useful when you want to wear dresses with deeper necklines , as the bra helps to fill the space elegantly and harmoniously.

Furthermore, the push-up bra offers the possibility to choose the intensity of the desired effect . Some models are thinner and provide a more discreet lift, while others are more padded for a more noticeable result. This versatility allows each woman to customize her look based on her personal preferences and clothing needs.

Who is the push-up bra suitable for?

The push up bra is particularly suitable for women with small breasts. It can also be useful for correcting slight asymmetries in smaller breasts. The push up model is available in many sizes but Italian brands usually do not go beyond a D cup. Push-up bras are mainly divided into two categories:

- push up bra with removable padding , modular as needed and inserted into shaped foam cups. The padding helps lift and define the breasts giving a soft shape.

- push up bra with fixed padding made of polyurethane fibre, memory foam or spacer foam. This additional padding at the bottom of the cup lifts your breasts and can increase your breast size by up to two sizes.

Models with double padding such as the Super Push Up are recommended if you want to increase the volume of your breasts naturally. Push-up bras are designed to push the breasts up and create more cleavage or to bring together small breasts and breasts that are parted outwards and need to be pushed more in the center.