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Article: Fashionable nightgowns and pajamas: which ones to buy?

Fashionable nightgowns and pajamas: which ones to buy?

Who doesn't like babydolls and petticoats! But it is also true that sometimes it is more pleasant to sleep in soft and comfortable pajamas. To be honest, even if it's cold or if we spend a day at home, working in smart working mode or relaxing during the weekend, we prefer practical pajamas or a nightgown!

You know, pajamas sound like a comfortable but out-of-fashion look. It's true that the sad colors and "childish" patterns are often poorly looked after, not at all chic. But they're not all like that!

Pajamas can be very elegant and sexy, as well as comfortable and practical. The same goes for nightgowns. Many lingerie brands or those specializing in nightwear and loungewear offer fashionable models, short or long, in monochromatic silk or colored with beautiful patterns, animalier or floral, with lace or feathers.

Let's find out which are the most beautiful of this year's collections!

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