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Article: Le Petit Trou: graceful and captivating lingerie

Le Petit Trou: graceful and captivating lingerie

Rather new brand, founded in 2014 by Polish stylist Zuzanna Kuczynska, still little known in Italy but it is one of my favourites!

Inspired by all things French, Zuzanna Kuczynska thought of a fun and provocative brand, hence the name Le Petit Trou, which translates to "The Little Hole." In several interviews he stated: "For the French it's quite controversial, but when they see the brand, they smile! And that's the reaction I want."

Bows, ribbons, transparencies and cute cutouts adorn the panties. The bralettes are decorated with polka dots, stars or hearts drawn on the tulle. The name of the brand refers precisely to the characteristic cuts of lingerie.

Le Petit Trou was created for women who want to feel feminine, fashionable and comfortable in their own skin on a daily basis. The lingerie is distinguished by the use of the best French and Italian materials, as well as its design and Polish production. All products are designed in such a way that they stimulate the senses and the body.

The brand pays a lot of attention to detail and aesthetics, which is why everything is packaged as if it were a gift package.

The brand has been featured in international editions of magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle.

Le Petit Trou is currently available in prestigious boutiques in 25 countries around the world, it is also possible to purchase online on and on various e-shops including Net-à-Porter.