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Article: Virginia Vercelli: 100% made in Italy tailored lingerie

Virginia Vercelli: 100% made in Italy tailored lingerie

Virginia Vercelli Lingerie is a small Italian company born from the founder Virginia's love for lingerie.

All garments are designed and handmade in Italy with delicate lace and refined fabrics. It is a sartorial production, sewn directly by the hands of the founder and designer Virginia with the help of expert Italian craftsmen.

Virginia is a young Italian-Argentine woman whose passion for lingerie was born together with her thesis "How lingerie affects the female body". After taking courses and specializations on underwear and with the help of her mother, she opened her first brand as a hobby. In 2017 she moved to Italy for love, so she decided to close the brand in Argentina and open it in Italy.

"It hasn't been easy, the Italian market is very competitive and together with my personal life it sometimes becomes complicated. Especially because these 4 years, my private life has also been very demanding. Stefano was born in 2020 and Allegra in 2021, we did 3 moves and then there was the pandemic. Thanks to the support of the customers, I was able to slowly grow every day , whoever wears a Virginia Vercelli Lingerie suit is wearing a truly unique garment" says Virginia.

"I started sewing lingerie by myself, sometimes when my mother comes to visit from Argentina she helps me a lot.
Before making a garment I purchase the fabric that gives me the initial inspiration. As soon as I see a fabric I immediately think of what a lingerie set in that fabric could look like. I use lace as the main material, it is the strong point of the brand. Satin or tulle is then combined. For each collection, no more than 50 items are made, for this reason, the collections are truly limited and unique" adds Virginia.

For Virginia, details and quality are everything, which is why the same stock is never restocked. When the lace runs out you can no longer buy the same one. This allows you to have more collections to display and also allows you to avoid waste, which makes the brand more sustainable.

Virginia's dream for the future of her brand is that it becomes a loved and well-known brand in Italy. And not only!

Virginia is a smart, dreamy and ambitious woman who also dreams of expanding her brand into different areas. She also dreams of creating a brand of underwear for girls, in particular panties inspired by her daughter Allegra.

She would also like to introduce a cosmetics line of creams and perfumes.

And I wish him so much! Well done Virginia and good luck!

Pina Chiocchetti / Founder OH LA BRA