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Article: Lingerie for the first date: which one to choose? The rules to avoid making mistakes

Lingerie for the first date: which one to choose? The rules to avoid making mistakes

The long-awaited moment of the first date has arrived, now all you have to do is think about what to wear. Let's face it: choosing the outfit is already a difficult task, but choosing the lingerie could be much more! The first date is always an unknown, which is why the ideal would be to opt for underwear that makes you feel tidy and safe at the same time. The first real rule and the most important is this: choose an outfit that you like and that makes you feel comfortable!

And now let's move on to the other "rules", which are not real rules but advice!

1. Push-ups? Yes, but without exaggerating
If you have small breasts and don't feel comfortable at all without wearing a push-up bra, go ahead. The fundamental thing, however, is that you keep in mind not to overdo it, a light push-up that gives you an extra size is fine, but that's it. No bras with excessive padding, as the first rule to not fail on the first date is to be as honest as possible. Furthermore, you will give the impression of being unconfident.

2. Match the lingerie to the outfit
If you have decided to wear a sober outfit, for example composed of a shirt and trousers and you do not want to reveal your underwear, prefer sober lingerie without too much lace and embroidery and of a flesh color or, at least, of a color similar to 'outfit and that you don't score too much. So if you wear a very tight dress, opt for a seamless slip or thong (these rules apply always and not just on the first date!)

3. Matching outfit
According to a saying, if a woman wears a matching underwear set, it is she who has decided to spend the night together. If you think about it, basically, this is how it is in most cases. If you don't want an after date a priori, the choice of underwear will be the last thing on your mind. Do you agree?

4.Bodysuit? Why not
The bodysuit is an underwear item that has come back into fashion in recent times. And the lace ones remain the most popular. The bodysuits are perfect to wear under a light blouse or as a jacket to reveal some cleavage or sexy transparency. It is a very sensual garment, but at the same time comfortable and, above all, the right choice if you don't want to resort to an outfit.

5. Which is better: briefs, thongs, thongs or culottes?
As for the bottom part, the panorama is truly varied, but even in this case, the ideal is to choose the garment that makes you feel best. Briefs, for example, can be sexy and intriguing, especially the more high-cut and satin ones. Thongs and thongs, however, are perfect if you want to dare. If you want to make the task difficult, but at the same time intriguing, combine it with a nice bustier full of hooks and laces. Finally, there are culottes: the latter are an evergreen that adapt well to different occasions. The culotte, in fact, is discreet, but at the same time very sensual, it highlights the right parts and also gives a touch of elegance that never hurts.

6. Keyword: comfort
Whatever type of lingerie you choose to wear on your first date, remember that the most important aspect is comfort. A balcony bra, for example, is ideal for highlighting your breasts, but if you have never worn one, it could be uncomfortable. The same goes for corsets, thongs and thongs, if you are not used to wearing them, you risk spending the whole evening getting adjusted because you don't feel comfortable.

After these tips, which I hope are useful, I would like to underline that lingerie is a choice that we should always make for ourselves first and foremost. Of course, if our partner also likes it, well, so much the better, but that's not the goal. Also because if we like a certain outfit first of all, and makes us feel at ease even if it is not particularly skimpy, it will make us irresistible a priori!