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Article: Going out in a slip: 5 look ideas with slip dresses perfect for autumn!

Going out in a slip: 5 look ideas with slip dresses perfect for autumn!

The traditional slip with an adorable vintage style can become very sexy and cool if it is displayed in combination with the right clothes. Going out in a slip is now very trendy both in summer and autumn, combined with sweaters or jackets. Do you want some ideas for your slip looks to show off this autumn?

If you want to be original, then the suggestion is to choose it in pink or with animal prints which are very fashionable this year too.
To go out in a slip when it's a little colder, just wear it over trousers during the day, preferably in denim or with a jacket or even a sweatshirt and sneakers on your feet! And from late afternoon onwards you can wear all the most elegant slips, with lace and some transparency, combined with long blazers or more sophisticated jackets and high heels!

Below are 5 look ideas with slip dresses:

1 Worn over jeans it is very cool!

2 Paired with a jacket or long blazer for a casual and sophisticated look.

3 The slip worn with a "warm" sweatshirt or cardigan and flat shoes for a casual effect. Or with medium heel shoes for a more chic effect.

4 Worn over a turtleneck sweater and a pair of comfortable daytime boots.

5 Very elegant with pumps or high-heeled sandals for an evening look! In this case, if the slip is long it will be even more chic!