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Article: What does bra fitting mean?

What does bra fitting mean?

Bra fitting, or "bra fitting", is a professional system for finding the perfect shape, size and fit of the bra, to enhance the breasts and silhouette.

Size and model are the two requirements to take into consideration when choosing the perfect bra, in fact they are closely linked. Generally, the size worn is known, but sometimes it is conditioned by a model that could distort the final result. How many times do they suggest that we go one size up or down because the identified item fits large or small?

There are many bra models on the market, the most common are: balcony bra, bralette, triangle, push up, with or without underwire, strapless bandeau and sports bra.

Generally, the balcony bra is suitable for pairing with low-cut dresses because it exposes and highlights the breasts by wrapping them gently, but without resorting to those wide front bands, necessary in the case of decidedly large measurements (for this eventuality, we suggest regulating hooks that will give strong support breast).


While triangle bras are suitable for small breasts, as are strapless bras.

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Alessandra Bertuzzi, Creative Director of La Perla , revealed some "secrets" to understand when the bra is suitable for our body! Here they are:

- The straps must be comfortable on the shoulders, neither too tight to leave a mark nor too loose to slip.

- The back band on the back must be perfectly horizontal on the back.

- Regarding the cup, the breast must be "comfortable" inside the cup. It must neither protrude too much from the cup nor remain crushed.

- The fit is correct if you can, not too easily, pass a finger vertically between the breasts.

- The breasts must not protrude from the side bands.

- The bra must not continuously rise as soon as you raise your arms.

Nowadays many lingerie brands adapt to women's needs and offer advanced bra fitting technologies on their site!

Intimissimi has launched a project called The Perfect Bra which offers 20 different models, divided by color and cup.

Chité Milano , a new made in Italy lingerie brand, offers its customers to "create" a custom-made bra!

ThirdLove offers over 70 bra sizes and has created one of the most requested bras ever, the 24/7™ Perfect Coverage Bra, which sold out and generated a waiting list of 1.3 million people!

And there are many other underwear brands that offer the possibility of purchasing underwear from the comfort of home without the risk of getting the wrong size thanks to the efficient and super detailed online size guides !

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