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Article: Women's beachwear trends 2022

Women's beachwear trends 2022

Ready to discover the trends for 2022 beachwear? I recommend you read this article to find out which swimsuits to show off at the seaside this summer to be cool even on the beach. And it doesn't matter if you like super minimal bikinis, cute crochet sets or one-pieces, there are so many new trends taking over this summer that you're sure to find the perfect swimsuit for you. To help you add new swimsuits to your collection, I've rounded up five 2022 swimwear trends that you'll see everywhere at the beach and fall in love with. From classic minimalist bikinis that don't leave much to the imagination to high-waisted swimsuits, from basic one-piece swimsuits to cut-out ones.

After reading this article you will be looking forward to buying your next swimsuits! I'm already dreaming of summer and you?


The beach fashion trends for this summer 2022 give us a breath of joy through the most colorful shades. Wisteria, pink, coral, aqua green and light blue will be at the forefront. But there will be no shortage of timeless black or even warmer colors such as brown, orange, gold and burgundy.

Swimwear fashion truly thinks of every complexion and the different needs of every woman, for example brown and gold are ideal for amber skin with warm undertones, while light blue, green and wisteria are perfect for those who have a light complexion. And for lovers of the always elegant black, the choice is vast: caviar black, shiny or treated, black is always an excellent choice, especially for olive skin. And then there are the bright pinks and greens for those who need a "point of color" to illuminate them.


This year too, swimwear will see the bikini as the absolute protagonist of swimwear trends. There will be something for every taste and every body type to enhance every body to the fullest. Bikinis with V-shaped bottoms are very trendy and flatter the figure thanks to the high-cut but "not too much" cut. The V shape visually lengthens the legs and enhances any silhouette.



Or the super minimal bikini with laces to tie at the waist or the basic triangle to match the briefs with laces on the sides. A classic that is always fashionable, sexy and comfortable.



Synonymous with charm and elegance, the bikini with high-waisted bottoms is back again this summer. It will be one of the protagonists of 2022 beachwear and I'm happy about it because it's one of my favorites. It emphasizes the waist, covers the midriff and if the cut is rather low-cut it visually lengthens the legs, slimming the silhouette.



Among the 2022 beach fashion trends, the one-piece swimsuit with cut outs stands out. That is, with strategic cuts that enhance the silhouette and give a super fashion touch.

Helis Brain


If you are interested in being fashionable even at the seaside this year you cannot miss a crochet bikini! Crochet swimsuit made of 100% cotton and with bright colors that enhance the tan. Or in the warm earthy colors which are very trendy this year. The delicacy of the shapes allows you to enhance any female body for a fresh and youthful look.