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Article: Bra from the 90s to today: from the Wonderbra to the non-push up bra

Bra from the 90s to today: from the Wonderbra to the non-push up bra

I love everything about the 90s: fashion, lingerie, music, films and super models Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington!

The 90s left their mark on the world of fashion and also on that of lingerie.

Even the bra underwent notable changes in that era, becoming a symbol of seduction par excellence and a fashion detail!

History of the 90s bra: the birth of the Wonderbra and the super push up

It was from the 90s onwards that the bra began to experience moments of glory, transforming itself into a style detail that makes you feel more beautiful and also manages to give you an extra size of bust. In this period, in fact, we witnessed the success of the Wonderbra bra, a model advertised by the beautiful model Eva Herzigova and which conquered all generations. The Wonderbra is nothing more than a variant of the classic balcony in which the cups, equipped with underwires, are padded and close together, so as to push the breasts upwards and inwards. The result? A more voluminous, full and rounded décolleté.

Companies specializing in the production of underwear then began to develop new lines, fabrics and materials to meet the needs of women, creating new bras suitable for every body type and able to satisfy any taste. This is how super push-up bras were born, which feature various types of padding, including removable ones, most often made of fabric, gel, air and oil, which adapt to the shape of each breast and make it immediately more voluminous, even by two plus sizes. These models, which over time will exploit wire-free technology, are made not only in basic shades but in colored versions and with many fashionable patterns. All this will allow you to create truly original and refined coordinates.

History of the bra from the 90s to today: models with a natural effect

The major underwear companies today offer many basic bras or bras embellished with lace, embroidery, beads, decorations, rhinestones and many other stylish details. Not only. While in the 90s people wanted to emphasize the décolleté at all costs, today a more natural effect is preferred. Without padding or push up or underwire!

Often the bra becomes a second skin and is specially made with laser cuts and high-performance materials, such as microfibre or ultra-soft fabrics. Therefore, the bra, despite not having underwires, manages to guarantee greater support even for the most generous breasts.

The available models are very trendy, comfortable but also beautiful to look at (and sexy!), without padding or stitching on the cups, but in lace, or tulle with polka dots, in black, white or coloured!

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The must have of the moment is certainly the bralette, characterized by triangle cups and a more or less high band under the breast, appearing halfway between a classic top and a traditional bra. These solutions are perfect for enhancing every type of breast in an absolutely natural way. And they are often so beautiful and practical that they can easily be worn with nothing on top, under a jacket or can be seen from a wide neckline or under a shirt.

But this is nothing new! Chanel, Gianni Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many other well-known maisons had already thought of it at the beginning of the legendary 90s! Let's take a look at some of the most iconic images from those years!