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Article: Giving lingerie to your partner: useful tips and mistakes not to make

Giving lingerie to your partner: useful tips and mistakes not to make

Christmas is approaching and like every year the search for the perfect gift begins!

I recommend this article to kids! To our partners who panic when it comes to giving lingerie to their girlfriend!

Dear guys, know that giving lingerie to your partner or the girl you like can be a very welcome but equally insidious thought. Here is some little advice to avoid mistakes, make your woman happy and pleasantly surprise her.

When to give lingerie to your partner? An ideal gift but not always suitable

The first thing you need to think about is the type of relationship you have with the woman to whom the gift will be intended. There are no particular problems for "dated" and consolidated couples, where a spicy gift can also be a way to rekindle passion. For acquaintances or new relationships it is better to avoid choosing gifts that are too intimate, at least for the moment.

As for the right occasion, lingerie can be a nice gift for your partner to find under the Christmas tree, but it is also a perfect gift to celebrate an anniversary together or a romantic gift to offer to Valentine's Day. Valentine.

Not all lingerie is the same, the secret is to choose carefully according to your partner's tastes

Not all sexy outfits are the same and you need to be careful not to choose something vulgar. A sexy outfit doesn't have to be extremely daring. Your partner may not appreciate "too much" or you may fall into a tasteless choice.

This does not mean giving a gift of "restrained" or simple cotton lingerie, but moving towards a middle ground to purchase a refined garment but at the same time capable of conveying the sensuality and femininity of the person who will wear it. Opting for lingerie capable of enhancing your partner will allow you to go without fail, she will feel confident and sexy, because it is true that an outfit can also be considered a gift from the couple, but it is the woman who wears it and therefore it is right that this reflects her tastes and always makes her feel at ease. In short, she must like it first of all, then if you guys like it too, so much the better! When choosing the suit to give as a gift, therefore, it is essential to keep in mind your partner's preferences regarding colors or fabrics to purchase the right model.

Observing is the right key to not making mistakes

In order to understand your partner's tastes, the only thing possible is to observe carefully, pick up on her habits and treasure them. If your partner never wears any lace item, it is better to avoid giving this type of lingerie as a gift, perhaps she loves other fabrics or has skin problems that get irritated by wearing that type of material. To understand your partner's preferences it is only necessary to take a look at what she usually wears under the covers in moments of intimacy but also in everyday life. Obviously a woman who normally wears sports underwear does not mean that she doesn't love or appreciate something more daring or sensual.

Don't get the size wrong

Another huge obstacle to overcome when choosing to give lingerie to your partner is guessing the size and choosing models capable of enhancing the curves. This size issue is a rather complex problem to deal with which becomes even more intricate if the lingerie is made up of two pieces (panties and bra). The lower part could be associated with a size similar to that worn for clothing but for the bra it will be complicated to find different models but if you know your partner's measurements it will be much easier.

A tip to overcome this problem could be to take a look at your underwear and find the sizes of your favorite brand to significantly reduce the margin of error.

Or dear men, I advise you to take a look at my article about bra sizes so you will understand how many/what sizes exist, both Italian and foreign, and that you must also consider the cup size as well as the size (or you can take advantage of my free consultation by contacting me on the whatsapp number you can find HERE!

Another good idea is to opt for an Oh La Bra gift card, which you can purchase by clicking HERE, so your girl can calmly choose the underwear she likes best.

I hope I have been of help and happy shopping ;)