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Article: "Grand Amour" by Love Stories Intimates: the bra for generous breasts

"Grand Amour" by Love Stories Intimates: the bra for generous breasts

Hi girls! I imagine that anyone reading this article has nice, generous breasts! First of all, if you haven't already done so, I recommend you read my article: which bra to choose for large breasts.

If you have already read it you will surely have noticed that among the various suggestions, I also suggested a bra from Love Stories Intimates. Which is exactly what I'll tell you about in this article!

Love Stories Intimates is a brand born in Amsterdam thanks to the creativity of interior designer Marloes Hoedeman, who realized how underwear brands were either too sporty or too "romantic". So he felt the need to create a line of underwear that was feminine but also comfortable and practical.

And so Love Stories was born: an innovative lingerie brand that celebrates the bralette as the sexiest, most feminine and comfortable underwear in the world. Each collection is a mix & match of extravagance, prints, colors and patterns.

Last year Love Stories presented Grand Amour : a collection of bras dedicated to those with generous breasts. Designer Marloes Hoedeman decided to focus completely on plus size with the desire to celebrate the beauty of the breast.

And to create a comfortable model that supports the breasts well, but without having to give up a beautiful bra!

Grand Amour caters to cup sizes E and F and is available in Love Stories' much-loved Darling and Love Lace shapes.

Thanks to the wider underbust elastics, bralettes offer significant support.

All Grand Amour bralettes come with removable padding.

The bras can be purchased online on the brand's official website: