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Article: How many types of bras are there? Names and descriptions

How many types of bras are there? Names and descriptions

There are different types of bras, each has its own name and characteristics. In this article I want to explain to you what types of bras exist and what their names are to provide some clarity. Lately the choice of lingerie is so vast, and more and more models are being invented, so sometimes it gets a little confusing!


The bralette is a bra without padding and without underwires. It is a garment halfway between a top and a bra. Always very chic and sensual, it can have different shapes and "lengths".

It is usually decorated with lace and lace, but it can also be simple in a more opaque fabric such as silk, satin or cotton but always decorated with prints that make it cute! In fact, the bralette can often be used to go out, it's now a real trend! Yes, because it is perfect to include in our daily looks or for a special evening.

The bralette is recommended for those with small breasts but I think anyone who feels comfortable in their body can wear it. Obviously, having neither padding nor any type of support, the bralette makes us feel free and shows our breasts as they are. Precisely for this reason I think that wearing a bralette is also a sign of greater acceptance of our body.


Triangle bra

The triangle is a bra that does not have round but triangular cups. So it gives a little less support than the classic bra and clearly has a deeper neckline.

But at the same time it perfectly hugs the breast thanks to its elongated shape. Personally, I like it and am happy with the triangular ones without underwire and slightly padded (no push up). Below are my favorites from this period!

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Push-up bra

Not to be confused with bras with slightly padded cups! The push bra has extra padding on the underside of the cup, which in turn pushes the breasts up, providing additional support. Usually girls with small breasts who want a few sizes up wear it and for those who want to "exaggerate" there are also super push ups!


Bandeau bra

The underwired bandeau bra has the same shape as the balcony bra, but is strapless. Designed to give a beautiful décolleté, the bandeau bra is perfect for wearing with sleeveless or halter-neck dresses. Usually the chest area is lightly siliconed to ensure greater adhesion.


Balconette bra

The balcony bra has a wide, low neckline that leaves the upper part of the breast exposed. It is equipped with underwire to support the breasts and the straps are spaced apart, which enhances the neck, shoulders and especially the décolleté. Another advantage of the balcony is given by its low cut which makes it invisible under dresses with plunging necklines. It can also be used strapless.


Bustier bra

The bustier bra has a wider band than classic bras. This makes it similar to a corset so it enhances the décolleté and waistline. The bustier, if it is not too transparent on the breasts, can become a perfect under jacket for our sexiest evening looks!

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Halter bra

It is the bra with straps that fasten around the neck, or that uses a single strap that goes behind the neck. Clearly it is chosen when we do not want to show the bra straps under a halter neck or other particular necklines.


Minimizer bra

The minimizer bra is a breast volume reducing bra. Clearly used by those who have very large breasts and who need more support. The fabric chosen is always very elastic and adherent in order to reduce the size of the breast a little but without "compressing" it too much otherwise it would be annoying and not good! Remember that the most important thing is that the bra fits you comfortably.


Sports bra

The sports bra is a technical garment that must be chosen correctly as it allows you to carry out any sporting activity in safe and comfortable conditions. Being a very delicate organ, the breast must be protected and well supported during sporting activity. The sports bra has multiple levels of support and should be chosen based on the type of sport we have to play. They are also made of cotton and breathable fabrics to absorb sweat and ensure comfort and protection.


T-shirt bra

The T-shirt bra is a traditional bra with underwire and lightly padded cup, made without seams so that it appears invisible under soft fabrics. The pre-shaped cups give the breasts a pleasant rounded effect.

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