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Article: How to choose the right costume? Here are 3 useful tips

How to choose the right costume? Here are 3 useful tips

Summer is finally approaching and the desire for the sea is starting to make itself felt! Choosing the right swimsuit to show off on the beach is important to always feel at ease. Below are three easy-to-follow tips to choose the most suitable costume for you.

1 Choose the costume based on your body type

Choosing the right swimsuit based on your body shape, i.e. your physicality, is important in order to enhance our shapes. We know that sometimes it's a little difficult to put on a swimsuit, especially at the beginning of summer when we're not yet tanned or we think we're not in perfect shape but in reality it doesn't take much to be ready for the beach.

I'll summarize it for you with this quote that I really like:

However, it is also right and normal to want to enhance your body as much as possible, enhancing its strengths and "hiding" the ones we like less.

In order to do this we must first of all identify our body shape.

Every woman has a different physique with its own characteristics! And this is very nice, we should always appreciate our characteristics that make us unique and inimitable.

By convention we speak of women with apple (or "O"), pear (or triangle), hourglass, rectangle and inverted triangle physiques because these geometric shapes summarize the profile of the female body quite effectively.

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The ideal swimsuit for the apple-shaped body

The main characteristic of this physicality is the accumulation of a few extra kilos from the breasts to the hips, especially on the stomach. Or you may have little breasts but a more pronounced belly. But in any case the legs and hips are always rather slim.

For this type of body type it would be right to choose a one-piece swimsuit, to camouflage the belly and optically shape the body. Or a bikini with a top that enhances the breasts, which are almost always busty, such as a balcony bra or halter neck. If you don't have large breasts, choose a padded bra with thin straps. The briefs should be chosen with a medium/high waist and colourful.

The ideal swimsuit for the pear-shaped body

The pear (or triangle) physique is considered, like the hourglass one, very feminine and widespread. Pear-shaped women have a slim bust, narrow shoulders and small breasts while their hips are showy. Surely the costumes to choose in this case are those that highlight the waistline. The bikini or trikini is therefore the perfect model and it is also a good idea to prefer garments that visually increase the volume on the bust so go ahead with straps with ruffles, flounces and various applications. The important thing is to choose briefs or one-pieces that are minimal on the hips and the most suitable ones are those without laces and V-shaped. Even high-waisted briefs can be fine, to emphasize the waistline.

The ideal swimsuit for the hourglass body shape

This physicality is characterized by shoulders and hips of more or less the same width, fairly busty breasts and a narrow waist. But which swimsuit to choose based on your hourglass body shape? Surely those who have this physique should highlight it in its entirety and the perfect swimsuit is undoubtedly the bikini with triangle bra and briefs with thin laces, alternatively the classic one-piece swimsuit is also ideal as long as it has a high-cut leg and deep necklines.

The ideal swimsuit for the rectangle body shape

Which swimsuit to choose if you have a rectangle body shape? The main characteristics are: a straight torso without too many curves, the waist, hips and shoulders have almost the same width. The ideal swimsuit is the one that manages to visually increase the volume of at least one of these parts and the ruffles, ruffles and applications are the perfect weapon. Green light for colorful swimsuits and bows on the hips, on one shoulder, on the décolleté, ruffles on the panties or on the bra. Or you can take advantage of color contrasts by choosing bottoms of one color and tops of another.

The ideal swimsuit for the inverted triangle body shape

The inverted triangle body is the opposite of the pear body. So the breasts are busty, the shoulders are broad but the pelvis and legs are very thin. In this case the suitable costume will be a bikini with a bra with wide straps and welcoming cups. If they are tied behind the neck it is better because they help to highlight the shoulders without widening them. The sides, on the other hand, should be embellished and widened with ruffles and bows. The one-piece swimsuit can also be a valid alternative.

2 Choose the costume based on your skin color

To choose the right costume it is important to also take into account the color of your complexion and hair. One of the main rules to keep in mind is to play with the contrasts between the color of the skin and hair and the color of the costume. Basically, dark costumes will look better on light skin and hair and vice versa. But how to choose the right costume based on our colors?


If you have white or very light skin (pale/cool skin undertone) and blond hair, it is advisable to avoid neutral shades, such as beige, white or nude. While colors such as cornflower blue but also different shades of green, pink or lilac are recommended. Fluorescent and too bright colors are absolutely banned.
If you have skin that is not too light and tans easily, becoming "golden", it means that the undertone is warm. In this case, colors such as burgundy and dark red, as well as golden, beige and brown, are good. Yellow or orange should be used preferably if the hair tends to be red/coppery while it is better not to wear them if combined with blonde or light ash-colored hair.


Which swimsuit if you have Snow White colors? Having a light complexion with dark hair is a particular combination that should absolutely stand out! You can dare by choosing all possible shades of blue, such as cobalt, turquoise, light blue or light blue. Blue-purple tones such as plum, aubergine or rosy magenta and bright red are also good. Avoid wearing orange or yellow colored swimsuits. If your skin is not too white, black costumes are also highly recommended.


In this case you can choose a costume in fluorescent tones that will go perfectly with your dark complexion. Pink, red, aqua green or pearly blue would be a great alternative to the usual colors. You can have fun playing with bright and lively colors, such as lemon yellow or bright fuchsia. And you can also wear delicious costumes with eccentric prints. However, it is better to avoid all those colors that seem to be too similar to that of your skin such as military green, dark brown, gold or olive green.


If you have a very dark complexion and jet black or very dark brown hair, then pastel swimsuits will be your best friend. Pink, green, blue, light blue and so on and so forth. Delicate shades that will blend perfectly with the deep tone of your complexion, creating a play of contrasts that will never make you go unnoticed. Avoid too light colors like white, ivory, pink or grey. Some brighter colors or perhaps solid color costumes with colorful micro-patterns are a good idea but should be used in moderation.

3 Choose the costume you feel comfortable with!

Choosing the right costume doesn't have to be stressful. Just follow some advice from a professional (I hope mine can be useful to you) regarding the model and color that best suits you. Always be honest with yourself about how a costume fits on you. If you notice that it is squeezing you somewhere, you should try a larger one. The right size will enhance you further.

But your personal taste is just as important. Don't follow a certain current fashion trend that doesn't flatter your body. Don't worry about what others think.

If you feel comfortable wearing a costume, you will move with more ease and you will be even more beautiful!