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Article: Which bra to choose during pregnancy: the most comfortable and fashionable brands

Which bra to choose during pregnancy: the most comfortable and fashionable brands

Choosing a bra during pregnancy can be a little complicated. Many of my friends have told me about the difficulty of finding a bra that is youthful and fashionable, as well as comfortable.

During pregnancy, the choice of bra is very important because the health and comfort of the future mother must be guaranteed in a period in which the body undergoes continuous changes and normal underwear is no longer adequately comfortable.
The general advice to follow, whether pregnant or not, is to wear clothing made of cotton, or in any case made of natural fibres, avoiding non-breathable synthetic materials.

It is also important to know how to buy underwear, in particular panties, which are adaptable to any period of pregnancy and therefore have a low waist so that they do not have to be replaced when the size of the belly increases.

As regards the bra, the winning choice is still to focus on cotton, having the foresight to buy at least one one size larger than the usual one, and preferring a minimalist but comfortable style, without underwires and with wide straps to avoid redness and discomfort on the shoulders.

Pregnancy underwear brands

International brands

There are many brands specialized in pregnancy underwear, among which Cake Maternity should undoubtedly be mentioned, an Australian brand that has won numerous awards for its maternity and breastfeeding clothing.
Cake Maternity offers a wide range of panties, bras for pregnancy and breastfeeding but also common clothing items designed to avoid any discomfort for the future mother.

The excellence of this brand is also confirmed in the choice to include sizes ranging from XS to XXL and adapt to different constitutions.

The purchase is possible on an online shop within the site, with global shipping. The price, higher than non-specialised underwear, varies from 15 to 20 euros per pair of briefs and from 45 to 50 euros for bras.

Cake Maternity

In the same price range there is another highly specialized brand: Cache Coeur , French, which offers underwear with Oeko Tex certification, which attests to its total non-toxicity and healthiness.

The peculiarity of this brand is the possibility of buying a bra that can be used during the entire pregnancy, thanks to a system of adjusters that allows you to have four different positions and adjustable straps to accommodate breast growth.

This brand also offers the possibility of purchasing swimsuits. Also in this case the purchase is possible on the web, through an online shop.

Cache Coeur

For those looking for a less minimalist style, wanting to combine the comfort of maternity underwear with an extra touch of femininity, Hotmilk Lingerie offers bras and panties that allow this, but at prices higher than the norm (45-50 dollars).
Purchase is available on the site.

Hotmilk Lingerie

All three of these brands allow shipping to Italy.

H&M also has a maternity line that offers a wide selection of bras and also clothing for pregnant women and nursing bras.


Oysho also has a maternity line, although it is not very varied, it offers valid comfortable and elegant alternatives.


Underprotection , a Danish brand that pays close attention to women's needs, has also transformed some bra models (the ones most loved by customers) into breastfeeding bras. The choice of models is a little small but they are very practical, with a "fresh" and fashionable look!


Hunkemoller is a low-cost brand specializing in lingerie and swimwear, which offers a rather wide choice of nursing bras. Practical, economical and beautiful to look at, they can be purchased online on the website.


Italian brands

For those who prefer a local brand, MySanity is an Italian brand attentive to every need during and after pregnancy.

Each material used for the underwear is 100% produced in Italy, and descriptions for each fiber used are available on the site, among which Bamboo stands out, an innovative and eco-friendly choice, which combines the comfort and permeability of cotton with properties antibacterial and antiallergic.

The price for MySanity underwear falls within the common prices for everyday underwear, with an average of 20 euros for bras and 10 to 15 euros for panties.

A particular brand is RelaxMaternity , which offers underwear for pregnancy and postpartum, and has the particularity of selling girdles with an antibacterial function thanks to the X-Static silver thread composition. Also in this case the price is within the normal range of underwear.

Remaining in the area, a well-established Italian brand is Prenatal , which in addition to offering underwear for pregnancy, supports new mothers with clothing for newborns at affordable prices.

Chicco , like Prenatal, is also a very valid choice for pregnancy and post-pregnancy underwear and clothing for newborns.

Yamamay also has a maternity line: bras, panties and slips.

Sheaths and bands

All the brands mentioned, with the exception of Cake Maternity, allow you to purchase pregnancy girdles, essential tools for lumbar and lower abdominal support which also allow you to wear clothing such as jeans more easily and for longer.

For those who are not comfortable with a girdle, which completely covers the baby bump, a middle ground between a girdle and a band (which provides lumbar support but without offering protection to the baby bump) from the Gratlin brand is available, which can be used as a band or extended to cover the baby bump.

Very valid and appreciated brands for the sale of non-compressive bands that relieve lower back pain are Supportiback (a company specialized in relieving muscle pain), PrettySee (American company dedicated to personal care) and Amour Eden .

It is important to remember, however, that the use of pregnancy girdles is recommended for a few hours and not for the whole day, and if you are looking for specific functions from the point of view of lumbar support it is always best to consult your trusted pharmacy.