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Article: How to wear a bodysuit: 5 easy and cool ideas!

How to wear a bodysuit: 5 easy and cool ideas!

The bodysuit is now a real trend!

Bodysuits, even those that are born as lingerie items, are so beautiful that it's a shame to leave them hidden under clothes!

How to wear it in everyday looks? Below are 5 very cool ideas to draw inspiration from:

1 The bodysuit worn with a pair of denim trousers is certainly the easiest and most trendy! Casual and fashionable.

2 Worn under a jacket for a more sophisticated and elegant look.

3 Paired with high-waisted cargo trousers with a pair of sandals.

4 Very chic worn with a high waist pencil skirt.

5 Elegant and sexy in lace version for the evening! Worn with a pair of slim-fit trousers preferably black. With a leather jacket, a long trench coat or even a fur coat.

Below I list some lingerie brands that have very interesting bodysuit proposals!

Undress Code
Shh Milan
Fifth Sense