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Article: Which shapewear to choose? Fashionable shapewear for breathtaking curves!

Which shapewear to choose? Fashionable shapewear for breathtaking curves!

Shaping underwear, i.e. containing, has various functions: first of all it compresses and contains the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks, but at the same time it gives a push up and smoothing effect . For a super sexy effect!
A very popular trend in recent years is the so-called bodycon , i.e. very tight clothing. Bodycon comes from the term body conscious , that is, the awareness of one's body and its shapes, to be highlighted in the right places to create breathtaking curves!
These typically feminine strategies are very ancient, just think of the corsets of 18th and 19th century ladies who tightened the waist to the point of suffocation, made with whalebone splints.
Yes, shapewear is the modern version of the tricks of the trade of female seduction, among which the most reliable spokesperson is certainly Kim Kardashian .

The concept of shapewear is to work on the critical points with discretion, but the current trend is to overdo it and obtain a deliberately artificial effect!

Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon and a profound activist who wants to be a symbol of body positivity with her image. Through her numerous posts on Instagram in which she has always proudly shown her body, the American entrepreneur sends a clear message of self-acceptance for all women! And she also launched her own fashion collection called Skims which also has a shapewear line, after all who is more expert than her!

Control and push up fabrics for breathtaking curves

First of all, the shapewear underwear is made with an innovative design and particular elastic and contouring textile fibers that hold the belly, thighs and buttocks, giving that hourglass shape characteristic of women. The waist is also shaped and becomes narrower, as required by the standards of the Mediterranean woman, with large breasts and thinner hips.

In short, new generation sheaths and belly pans are used which, in addition to containing the extra pads, pull up and push towards the areas to be plumped.

They are artificial and synthetic materials that are easy to dress, soft and pleasant to the touch, nothing to do with the old "terror" tools that were used in past centuries: they do not tighten, they do not bother and at the same time they shape the body like a sculptor does with his work of art!

A killer B-side

For a B-side that doesn't go unnoticed, bodycon lingerie offers special contouring, push-up and plumping culottes that not only compact, support and lift, but design the figure with special additional pads.

The same thing goes for the breasts, raised and plumped for a stunning décolleté, and for the thighs which are defined and sculpted with special tights, from the more shapely base, up to the thin and feminine calf and ankle.

Furthermore, "today" shapewear underwear has also become beautiful to look at, fashionable and sexy!

In short, fashions change continuously but women always know how to make the most of themselves!

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