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Article: Where to buy underwear online? What are the best sites?

Where to buy underwear online? What are the best sites?

In recent times, we are buying more and more online. But when it comes to underwear we often get a little scared and we start to ask ourselves many questions: where do I buy underwear online? How do I buy a bra online without getting the wrong size? What are the best and most reliable sites?

In this regard, here is everything you need to know about where and how to buy underwear online!

Underwear: is it worth buying online?

Is it worth buying underwear online? Definitely yes! As there are numerous advantageous factors.

Firstly, there is much more choice on the web. There are various platforms that allow you to purchase products while enjoying discount codes, promotions and special offers. The economic advantage could therefore be really tempting. Furthermore, consulting a price list of products online is really very simple.

Anyone can take a look at hundreds of different products in just a few minutes. This allows all users to view and purchase items in just a few clicks.

Another positive aspect of buying underwear online is the fast shipping service. Thanks to this aspect, it is possible to receive the purchased products quickly, avoiding queuing or getting into chaotic traffic.

Which products to buy?

On the web the selection is really very wide, it can be said that online you can purchase any underwear product for both men and women. Of course, someone might worry about the comfort of the items and the possible wrong size purchased on the web.

But there is no need to fear at all because the size guidelines are now super detailed, and if you have any doubts about it, just read my article on how to calculate the right bra size (HERE). This way you won't make mistakes with your online purchases!

In any case, the best sites that offer underwear online give users the possibility of returning the purchase after a minimum of 7 days. This means that anyone can try on the garment and if they have difficulty they can simply return it, also obtaining a refund.

To always be sure of the portal where you can buy your products, some factors must be taken into account.

It is good to remember that a reliable website allows users to pay with various payment methods, such as debit or credit cards. Furthermore, it is always advisable to pay attention to any shipping service and return policy. By keeping an eye on these aspects, it will be really easy to secure the best underwear products online!

What are the best sites to buy underwear online?

Nowadays all underwear brands, both Italian and foreign, also offer the possibility of buying online. From the most common Intimissimi, Yamamay, Tezenis, Victoria's Secret which also have physical sales points in Italy to lesser-known foreign (but also Italian) brands that we rarely find in our country. Do you want to know what they are? Read my article to discover many interesting brands to buy online that are still little known in Italy.

Then there are many e-commerce platforms that have a section dedicated to lingerie such as Asos, Zalando, Boohoo, Simply Be, Stylight, Yoox. A selection of more luxury lingerie can be found on Net-a-Porter, Luisa Via Roma and Farfetch.

H&M also has a very large section dedicated to lingerie on its website, as do Urban Outfitters, Free People and Topshop. And many others…

And then there is my e-commerce Oh La Bra which is new but equally valid! Why?

Oh La Bra was born as the first (and only at the moment) Italian e-commerce dedicated exclusively to lingerie with the aim of offering you the best selection of underwear and beachwear brands (and not only!): innovative, inclusive, ethical, trendy and founded by women. Therefore I am constantly looking for new brands that reflect these values!

Shipping within 24/48 hours, assistance during purchase, surprises and advantageous discounts will make your shopping experience truly unique!