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Article: Fleur du Mal: ​​elegant and sexy luxury lingerie

Fleur du Mal: ​​elegant and sexy luxury lingerie

My favorite lingerie brand? There are so many that I like, but my favorite is definitely Fleur du Mal!

Fleur du Mal is an elegant and sophisticated lingerie and ready to wear brand, with a retro taste. Founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in NY in 2012.

Jennifer Zuccarini has always loved lingerie, in fact she is always behind the well-known brand: Kiki de Montparnasse .

Zuccarini studied art history in Montreal, but when she realized she was passionate about fashion, she packed her bags and moved to New York where she worked for Victoria's Secret and Kiki de Montparnasse, of which she was co-founder. But his real dream was to create his own line, his own business. An idea fueled by her father who had always told her: 'why on earth would you want to work for someone? You have to do things for yourself.'

Why a lingerie line? Jennifer declared that she had always been fascinated by the Alexander McQueen and Galliano collections precisely because there were often references to the world of lingerie.

She also felt the need to 'speak' to strong women like her who felt comfortable embracing the concept of femininity and sensuality. And he argued that most underwear brands back then were either super sexy or frumpy and not very cool.

The name of the brand comes from Charles Baudelaire's famous collection of poems, Les Fleurs Du Mal.

Inspired by strong, chic and feminine women, the brand explores the concept of desire and the art of provocation and does not give up style and versatility.

Subsequently Jennifer also introduced a line of ready to wear, maintaining exactly the same elegant and sensual style.

Fleur du Mal can be purchased on the official website but many items are also sold by the best online retailers around the world including Farfetch, Net-à-Porter and Luisa Via Roma.