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Article: How to wear a bralette when going out: 5 look ideas to copy!

How to wear a bralette when going out: 5 look ideas to copy!

Do you know how to wear a bralette to go out? Nowadays there is nothing more fashionable than the exposed bralette! But it is very important to combine it in the right way without becoming vulgar. So I recommend you read my article to find out how to wear a bralette to create fashionable and refined looks.

What is bralette

The most innovative trend in current women's underwear is undoubtedly wearing the bralette when going out. The bralette is a type of bra without underwires or padding.
This new garment has literally created a sort of revolution in women's underwear.
It is certainly a very comfortable model and with variations that tend to make it a seductive garment and with the benefit of highlighting the natural roundness of the breast.
Contrary to other types, this one does not add further volume to the décolleté, but dresses and accentuates the shape in a totally natural and easy way.

The variations are numerous but the main unmissable characteristics are practicality and typically and delightfully feminine lines.

To choose the right bralette, the first thing is essential to identify the exact size. Then you need to pay attention to the straps which must be well adjusted and not excessively tight, to avoid annoying and unsightly marks on your skin. The part that fastens on the back must be perfectly straight and not raised and the side parts must enclose without tightening.
After carrying out these checks, you can proceed with the choice of plot and fantasy.

How to match the bralette for going out?

The bralette can be worn when going out because it is incredibly versatile! It's a real trend now! It can be worn in different ways to complete our daily looks or for a special evening.

This piece of lingerie can be combined with a classic shirt that reveals the lace of the underwear, leaving the top buttons unbuttoned (only the first buttons!)

For a more chic style that can also be used in the evening, the bralette can be worn under a low-cut, light dress that reaches the knee, for a very refined and tasteful style.
Or by combining it with an elegant jacket for the evening hours as an under-jacket, preferring dark shades.

Another extremely sexy combination is to wear the bralette under a tulle top or body, which being quite "transparent" allows a glimpse of the bralette which will have to be very opaque in this case! (never show more than necessary).

Furthermore, I would like to make a small aside to tell you that the same rules also apply to bras that are not born as bralettes, but which are equally particular and suitable for completing your outfits and being put on display.

How to wear a bralette to go out? Look ideas to copy!

1 Worn under a semi-transparent bodysuit that reveals the lace or bralette pattern. Paired with a pair of jeans or casual trousers for a sophisticated and sexy day or evening look!

A bralette with lace or other special straps is very beautiful worn under a low-cut shirt or sweater to show the straps. Or under an oversized cardigan, leaving only the straps or bralette visible if the cardigan is suitable!

3 Worn under a nice long blazer and a pair of palazzo trousers and heels for a chic and sophisticated daytime (or aperitif) look.

4 The bralette is also perfect as an under jacket for a day or evening look!

5 The lace bralette is very cool even worn over it ! On a white shirt or t-shirt paired with a pair of jeans!

If you want to find out which are the most beautiful bralettes of the moment, I recommend you read the following article: What is a bralette and which ones to choose?