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Article: Slip dress: 10 ideas on how to wear the slip dress

Slip dress: 10 ideas on how to wear the slip dress

The slip dress confirms itself as dress again this summer 2020! Why? It is sober, elegant and adapts perfectly to different occasions!

What exactly is a slip dress? It is a slip dress, which has very thin straps and a flowing line just like bedroom slips. In silk or satin, with lace details, single color or with beautiful prints in strong colours, long or short!

Nowadays many lingerie brands offer petticoats so beautiful that they can also be worn as dresses!

Below are 10 ways to wear the slip in your day or evening looks:

1 Over a white T-shirt for a casual effect. With or without a thin belt at the waist.

2 Worn over jeans it is very cool!

3 Paired with a long blazer for an elegant and sophisticated look.

4 Worn with a sweatshirt and flat shoes for a casual effect. Or with medium heel shoes for a more chic effect.

5 Very elegant with pumps or high-heeled sandals. Even more so if paired with a silk blazer of the same color or animal print that goes with everything!

6 Even combined with fur for a winter look.

7 Colorful and combined with a pair of white sneakers it is perfect for a casual summer look.

8 With a denim jacket.

9 With a leather jacket for an autumnal look.

10 Beautiful even in the short version, perfect for a summer night look!

If, like me, you are passionate about fashion and are curious to know where the slip dress trend comes from, read the following article: 90s slip dress