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Article: What is a bralette and which ones to choose?

What is a bralette and which ones to choose?

How many times have you wondered what a bralette is? And when is it worn? Which ones to choose? I'll explain everything to you in this article!

What is the bralette?

The bralette is a bra without padding and without underwires. It is a garment halfway between a top and a bra.

The bralette can have different shapes and "lengths" but is generally triangle or bandeau. The straps are very thin and unlike the push up bra, they enhance our natural curves since they don't have cups. Although in some cases they may have removable cups, very thin, no push ups!

The bralette is recommended for those with small breasts but I think anyone who feels comfortable in their body can wear it. Obviously, having neither padding nor any type of support, the bralette makes us feel free and shows our breasts as they are. Precisely for this reason I think that wearing a bralette is also a sign of greater acceptance of our body.

The bralette is chic and sensual: it is usually made of lace or decorated with lace, but it can also be simple in a more opaque fabric such as silk, satin, cotton or even knit. It is often colored or decorated with prints that make it cute and perfect for any look!

The bralette is incredibly versatile and can be used to go out, it's now a real trend! It can be worn in different ways to complete our daily looks or for a special evening. It is very cool under a transparent t-shirt or under a blazer or an elegant jacket. If you want to see how you can wear the bralette in your daily looks, read my new article by clicking here !

Which summer bralette to choose

Below I list the most beautiful bralettes of this season:

Chité Milan