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Article: Eco-sustainable cotton bra without underwire or seams: which one to choose?

Eco-sustainable cotton bra without underwire or seams: which one to choose?

Eco bra without underwire or seams

In recent years, fashion has made great strides: the ancient bras, uncomfortable and without half measures, have fortunately disappeared and, today, there is an amazing quantity of models from which we women can choose.
For many women, however, underwire is still a great pain! There are many alternatives without underwire, but those with very large breasts sometimes cannot find good support with bras without underwire. And if not supported adequately, breasts can cause health problems and back pain.

But often even women with small breasts, and I am one of them, agree that a bra without underwire is definitely more comfortable. Added to this element are the seams, which are also often annoying especially if it is not a good quality underwear. Not to mention synthetic materials: how many cause itching, allergies, discomfort, skin irritation?

Luckily today there are more and more brands that are oriented towards eco-friendly and comfortable fashionable choices even for large breasts. To safeguard the environment but also our skin and our health.

What is eco cotton and what are its characteristics

Eco cotton (or ecological cotton, also known as organic cotton) is a type of cotton whose cultivation takes place in compliance with some organic farming rules (similar to the rules underlying organic foods). What this process allows to obtain are non-toxic and hypoallergenic fabrics.
Eco cotton does not cause allergies, it is a pure, fluffy, soft material with no side effects. Last but not least, it is also environmentally friendly and does not contain traces of plastic. This material, therefore, is used not only in the production of clothing, but also for underwear. Products, such as bras, which must be in contact with sensitive areas of the skin for a long time must be comfortable, safe and respectful of well-being.

The advantages and usefulness of an eco cotton bra without underwire or seams

A bra made with eco-sustainable cotton and without underwire is the ideal product for all women subject to intolerances to some chemical substances or plastics, but also for girls suffering from dermatitis or who suffer from contact allergies. In fact, the material guarantees absolute certainty in this sense, and it is certainly a great advantage.

Secondly, eco cotton bras without underwire or seams are also perfect for women who play sports, because they are decidedly more comfortable and do not interfere with physical activity. The ecological cotton absorbs heat correctly and allows the skin to sweat adequately. Finally, especially while running, there is the risk of the underwire suddenly coming undone or of feeling discomfort caused by the stitching. The eco cotton without underwire or seams is also excellent and recommended for pregnant women or during the breastfeeding period, but also as a first bra for little girls.

Eco cotton bras without underwire or seams: which ones to choose

So, which models to choose? There are models on the market that guarantee us women adequate support and a perfect fit. In fact, these models usually do not give the sensation of tightening around the bust.
Bras in double organic cotton jersey fabric are particularly appreciated, since this cotton - in addition to being hypoallergenic, eco-sustainable and not treated with chemicals - also has the important GOTS and Faitrade certifications.
For those who prefer decidedly comfortable models, there are models on the market with low percentages of elastomer (from 5% to 9%) which guarantee greater elasticity and structure to the product.

Below I have selected for you some brands that produce beautiful outfits in 100% eco cotton:

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