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Article: Sustainable lingerie: which brands to choose

Sustainable lingerie: which brands to choose

The choice of underwear becomes increasingly important. Why? because it can enhance the strengths of the body and also because, being in direct contact with the skin, it can influence physical well-being and the health of the body.
For this reason, more and more brands are dedicating themselves to the production of lingerie in good quality fabrics, not synthetic and produced in a sustainable manner but at the same time trendy and chic.

Today we hear a lot about sustainable lingerie . But what does sustainable lingerie mean?

What does sustainable lingerie mean

When we talk about underwear produced in a sustainable way we are referring to all those production activities that adopt eco-sustainable and socially responsible policies.

More precisely, it means taking into account the impact that a product and its creation can have from an environmental point of view. With the aim of safeguarding the world around us as much as possible.

First of all, the difference is made by the organic materials used such as cotton, linen, silk and wool.
Furthermore, many ecological fabrics are made in the laboratory just like synthetic fabrics but using natural elements as raw materials.
From this type of processing, new fabrics were born such as lyocell in eucalyptus fibre, modal in beech fibre, bamboo and vegetable silk in ecological viscose.

In order for an item of clothing to be considered sustainable, the brand that produces it must adopt transparency regarding processing throughout the entire production chain. Guarantee fair treatment to employees and minimize waste of resources and energy as much as possible.

To be sure that the underwear we wish to purchase follows these sustainability principles, all we need to do is check whether the label certifies that the material used is of biological origin.
The most widespread ones are GOTS , Global Organik Textile Standard, which certifies that the production of clothing is sustainable on both an environmental and social level, and OCS , Organik Content Standard, which indicates that the fabric used is of biological origin.

Why buy sustainable lingerie?

Certainly the strong point of underwear produced in a sustainable manner is the excellent quality of the materials used as they are carefully selected and above all totally natural.

Furthermore, they are particularly comfortable and, being free of harmful chemical substances, they allow you to avoid the onset of particularly annoying problems such as bad smells, itching, dermatitis, excessive sweating and allergic reactions.

For allergy sufferers, certified hypoallergenic underwear is also available on the market. The absolute absence of toxic substances, the main cause of many irritating reactions of the epidermis, in clothing guarantees excellent skin protection.

Which brands to choose?

Here are some brands that have made eco-sustainability their strong point.


Underprotection is a Danish brand that makes sustainable and trendy lingerie .
All garments are created with sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton while the lace elements are made from recycled nylon. The design of the garments is absolutely innovative, beautiful, fashionable and sexy.
The same materials with which they produce the garments are also used for packaging.
They also entrust production only to certified factories that ensure a good working environment and fair wages.


If you want ultra-comfortable garments and your weakness is basic Parisian-style lingerie, this is the brand for you.
They can rightly be defined as eco chic garments as they are made of GOTS cotton and with an organic lenzing modal fabric that comes from beech wood. Lenzing modal is very soft and at the same time able to absorb twice as much moisture from the skin as cotton. Woron was founded in Copenhagen by two entrepreneurial sisters who love women and well-being. Arina and Anya believe that when we feel comfortable and at ease, well-being increases and with it confidence and therefore feeling sexy.


Semi Romantic is a brand founded by two friends in Amsterdam but production takes place in Portugal using fine and recycled fabrics . The outfits are feminine and luxurious but not flashy . They are very comfortable but also elegant and of excellent quality.


Founded by Allie Cameron in Melbourne, Australia, with the aim of bringing change and awareness to human and environmental issues in the fashion industry by creating soft, sustainable bamboo underwear that is both on-trend and empowering.

Each piece of Hara is made using OEKO-TEX 100 approved organic bamboo fabric and natural vegetable dyes to ensure the highest quality and prevent chemicals from being absorbed into the skin.


Founded in 2019 by two designers and entrepreneurs Mathilde and Clèmentine. Olly is a new French lingerie brand. It only uses sustainable materials that have no impact on the environment and are respectful of the skin. The organic cotton chosen is GOTS certified. This label prohibits toxic substances in textile production and ensures respect for decent working conditions. The recycled lace is made from a thread called Q-NOVA®. This Q-Nova yarn is produced in Italy from production waste that could not have been reused except through recycling. The recycling process is purely mechanical and therefore does not use chemicals. Q-nova is certified by various labels: European Ecolabel, Global Recycle Standard and OEKO-TEX standard 100.

Pina Chiocchetti / Founder OH LA BRA